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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
The Vampiress
Published On Jun 27th 2018
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Chapter 7: Meet My Friends
“Wow! Superheroes are real?” Adalyn added to the infinite number of questions she asked Noah. Of course, he was tired from all these questions.
“Come on. I think you should meet somebody.” Noah told her. Adalyn a bit shaken that she was interrupted, huffed at his interference. She acted like Chloé Bourgeois from Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir (Yes, I’m a big fan). But quickly returned to her Adalyn ‘state’ and was normal and followed Noah. He called somebody on his phone and in an instant Adalyn could see three people in the distance. Adalyn at once turned to asked Noah but before she could utter a single word Noah’s finger landed on his lips as a sign of ‘shut it’ and he said “No more questions!” and they entered the room. A girl came running to Noah along with two boys “Noah, how are you?” The girl immediately asked but not in a Chloé Bourgeois way but in a genuine and sweet, friendly way. “Hello Faith! Adalyn meet Faith. Faith meet Adalyn.” Faith enthusiastic to meet Adalyn shook her hand, firmly. Adalyn looked to Faith and beamed at her. Faith was so beautiful, platinum blonde hair, extremely fair skin and an amazing taste in fashion. Yes, Adalyn was a bit jealous but not in a bad way. “Adalyn, you are absolutely stunning!” Faith exclaimed, Adalyn just blushed and muttered a thank you. “Okay. Adalyn meet Logan. Logan meet Adalyn.” Logan had brown hair and grey eyes. He was really cute! They both greeted each other. “Now, Adalyn meet Grayson. Grayson meet Adalyn.” Grayson had blonde hair and blue eyes. Handsome! “Okay Noah we have to go. See you in school!” Faith told him and vanished. Witches and wizards… probably.
Chapter 8: Ravenwood Institute of Myths
“When does school starts?” Adalyn asked Noah. “School starts after sunset. And vampires aren’t ‘allergic’ to sunlight. It’s because werewolves can only transform after sunset and pixies collect sun-dust the whole morning.” “But isn’t Ravenwood a boarding school?” Adalyn asked and Noah replied “It is. Sleep at day. Wake just before sunset. Stay awake till sunrise. Or whenever you want just don’t be late for class.”
“Okay. Do vampires drink blood then?” But before Noah could answer, a random figure appeared into sight “Excuse me, are you Miss Adalyn Monroe?” 
To Be Continued
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Comments 15
Berha Thanks Berha
Sep 17th 2018
bia Nice Bia
Sep 8th 2018
Yaseera @Berha yeah Yaseera
Jul 28th 2018
Berha @yaseera I have seen ep 17 (reverser) I was super scared for Ladybug and Cat Noir! But I know they are alright :) Berha
Jul 26th 2018
Berha @yaseera I have seen ep 17 (reverser) I was super scared for Ladybug and Cat Noir! But I know they are alright :) Berha
Jul 26th 2018
Yaseera @Berha the episode when Chloe gets the miraculous is episode 18 I think cuz I have seen the official sneak peak for episode 18 whereas episode 17 is "the reserver" Yaseera
Jul 24th 2018
Berha @yaseera yeah cant wait chloe will get a bee miraculous! 23rd July is too far away though... :( Berha
Jul 18th 2018
Yaseera @Irza and Berha I am a miraculous fan too I am waiting eagerly for chloe to get her miraculous (season 2 epiosde i think 17) they still didn't publish the episode 17 and i sooo want to see it !!!!!! they are going to publish it on 23rd july i think but i am not sure if episode 17 is "the reserver" or "queen wasp part 1 and 2 and 3" Yaseera
Jul 14th 2018
Berha @uraw you'll see (whether faith is a fairy or witch), and actually since her father is a griffin she has inherited some of his powers you'll see later on. @yaseera thank you so much and you are an amazing best friend too!!! @irza great to have a ladybug fan friend on vshine too! Thank you Hafsa and Yashfeen Berha
Jul 10th 2018
hafsa Wow Gr8!! 👍👍👍 Hafsa
Jul 7th 2018
yashfeen Amazeballs Yashfeen
Jul 1st 2018
Irza Woww *miraculous fan 2* Irza
Jul 1st 2018
Yaseera Wow Berha I love ur story soo much its simply Gr8 I am so speechless my friend and please continue and write the next part so soon I am eagerly waiting to read it and I am glad to have a best friend like u!!! Yaseera
Jun 29th 2018
Urwa Adalyn's father is a griffin and her mother is a vampire so she is like half vamp and half griffin she isn't a pure blooded vamp and shouldn't she also have Griffin abilities as well as vamp??And are faith and the others really witches and wizards I had this hunch faith is a fairy🙋🙋 Gr8 work👏👌👍 Urwa
Jun 29th 2018
Urwa Awesome!!!!!!!👍👌👏👌👍Can't wait for the next part😍😍Thank god you posted it earlier then expected🙌🙌 Urwa
Jun 29th 2018

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