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Iman Latif
Iman Latif
Lahore Grammar School
My Weirdest First Day Of School
Published On Jun 11th 2018
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October 2017

Rank 8 Out of 10
I was shivering with cold. My teeth chattering, my body trembling. My muscles were creaking with every movement. The Sun was hiding behind the clouds, keeping the warmth away from people.
I stepped into my new school. At least I thought it was a new one.
The building was warm from the inside, and a fresh smell of coconut spray subsided. Children were roaming around with their friends and enjoying their usual day.
I was trying to navigate the way to grade six, when a teacher came and solved my problem. I passed by all the doors of grade six and found my name nowhere.
Suddenly my body froze. I saw a crazy possibility. I ran through the corridor, back to my old class and with grief – saw my name there.
I had failed my exam.
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Comments 15
Berha Iman, Congratulations!!!! Berha
Sep 17th 2018
Iman Anyways, thank you admin soo much for publishing this story in this magazine. My family was extremely happy and I was very excited to tell my parents, teachers, and friends. Thank You admin. I really love this magazine and I hope you will publish other stories that I am sending... Iman
Aug 10th 2018
Berha Nice to meet you too! Berha
Jul 24th 2018
Urwa 😜 Urwa
Jul 20th 2018
Iman Oh that is nice I am in grade 7 too, although I live in Lahore Nice to meet you! Iman
Jul 20th 2018
Iman Yeah i know Urwa, I was just kidding with you! I understand what you actually wanted to say=) Iman
Jul 15th 2018
Berha Absolutely love kitties I have one of my own. He looks like your the one in your dp but more furry and bigger. Berha
Jul 13th 2018
Berha Well I am in 7th grade in Fazaia Degree College, Risalpur. lived in england for 3 years... what else? I love books and movies. Obsessed with MCU... Berha
Jul 13th 2018
Urwa Oh no!!I didn't meant to say that you were the one who failed the exams of course its like a short story and I knew you were a girl(name is Iman)😂😂i was just saying guy you know.......Like.....😅😅How can I explain😅 Urwa
Jul 12th 2018
Iman Thanx everyone Iman
Jul 12th 2018
Iman Thank you everyone I am Iman, and I newly joined Vshine. I am in grade 7 and I hope you will like to be my friends. Thanks again for appreciation! Thank you @Berha, Yashfeen and Urwa! @Berha, I am Iman And I just recently accepted your friend request, please tell me who are you and how. Thanks! Iman
Jul 11th 2018
Iman Thanks everyone, but I am a girl not a boy and this is about me. Technically, I didn't fail my exam, but yeah. Iman
Jul 10th 2018
yashfeen Awesome story Yashfeen
Jun 23rd 2018
Urwa That's so horrible😲😱poor guy.Anyway gr8 story👍👌 Urwa
Jun 18th 2018
Berha Amazing SPAG and Vocab! Good Work Berha
Jun 17th 2018

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