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Sakifay Mary Mujohithe
Sakifay Mary Mujohithe
I Am (thankfully To My Parents) Homeschooled
The Vampire City Part Three
Published On Jun 17th 2018
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The Vampire City Part 3:
‘I don’t care, Melzi!’ Zilin’s temper finally caught the release and he swung angrily from the chair, turning to face Melzi who stood in front of the window, his chest thrust out, his arms crossed tightly around his chest and a glint of indignation in his eyes.
‘What you don’t care?’ Said Melzi furiously, his eye sockets bulging threateningly as he spun his neck to glower at Zilin who glared back.
‘I don’t care if they do sack me from the job I have never been interested in…’
‘Do you have that much money you will survive?’
‘Money? Money? You have to live with blood, don’t you? You are acting annoyingly like Uncle Bozer, forgetting you are a Vampire!’
‘Living on Blood? You are off your rocker, aren’t you? Turning humans into Vampires…’
‘You must be off from your trolley, Melzi, by biting humans on the wrists does NOT turn them into a Vampire unless you rip apart their necks…’
‘But they do.’
‘How can you tell?’ Spat Zilin.
‘They just do,’ Melzi snapped, finally unfolding his arms, sitting down on a lounge chair and letting them rest on manchette arms and beck against the spindle, ‘anyway, let’s just get to the point. You bit Mariana Blazor…’
‘On the arm—yeah—uh—’ Zilin began to falter. Yes, she did turn into a Vampire, didn’t she?
 ‘Tell me now, was I lying?’ Melzi shot, who seemed to know what Zilin was thinking, sparks flying from his blue eyes, ‘and because of that, you are going to be surrendered and sent as a criminal to Master…’
‘That isn’t going to happen, it was a lie that Yaku spat!’
‘We will see that my best friend has lied or not,’ said Melzi, calmly, again folding his arms around his chest.
‘Yeah, we will see.’
‘Okay, I am off then, Zilin. Good bye.’
‘You don’t need to be so much polite because you know very well I don’t have enough time to cook you those pancakes because of my math test!’
Melzi sobered, grunted, lashed and kicked in the air, and then shot off out of the entrance door.
‘Fraud,’ muttered Zilin darkly as he thought he will have to hold a discussion with Master as he said.
Suddenly, the bell rang again.
‘Melzi, I really don’t have enough time to bake the pancakes, so please politely go—!’
‘It is me, Mariana, Zilin! Open the door.’ As her voice came out of the door, Zilin jumped and at once reached the door, embarrassed.
‘Oh, don’t need to be so much harassed,’ she said in a huffy voice as she came in, her nose red from the cold and blowing winds with the snow outside, wrapped in a travelling cloak with muffler hidden beneath the collar that had been stretched nearly to the top of her head, only a bit of it being allowed to be seen from the front collar’s cut.
‘I am not harassed,’ Zilin said quickly, and added, ‘sorry, I thought it was Melzi again…’
‘—yelling for pancakes?’
‘Oh, don’t be embarrassed,’ she said as she closed the door, ‘I met him in the way and he told me he loved pancakes.’
‘Oh—I don’t think he might stop roaming around to tell people he loves pancakes…’ Zilin raised his eyebrows as he pointed to a seat near the fire on which she gratefully sat, not bothering to remove her cloak.
‘So well, how come you are here?’
‘Well, I want to tell you about something,’ she said, ‘first of all, I will want a hot steaming cup of tea…been missing it from ages, you know.’
‘You still like my tea after you are a Vampire?’
‘Well, I am not a Vampire. I just put fake fangs and red artificial irises that day to show…oh, never mind.’ She suddenly turned red in the cheeks and turned her face to the fire.
‘What?’ Zilin said in disbelief as he suddenly realized her eyes were not the sort of hazel they are normally for Vampires, it was bright sparkling green as before and as she smiled, he stared and knew there were not canine pointed teeth.
‘Yeah,’ she said fondly, ‘are you disappointed?’
‘Because Melzi was making it a lot fuss. He said I will have to go the Master and…’ He explained all Melzi ha said.
‘Oh, I already know,’ she chuckled, ‘he was trying to scare you.’
‘Knew it!’
‘Don’t go on bad on him otherwise he is gonna kill me I told you.’
‘Let us see how he kills you…he will be going to be surrendered like he said himself and go to Master to have a pretty conversation with him…’
‘Don’t tell him!’ Said Mariana in a protesting tone, and turning her face to look at him standing there stiffly in front of the dining table.
‘Ok, I won’t, don’t worry,’ muttered Zilin.
‘Thanks for that,’ she said, relieved.
‘So, what did you have to tell me?’
‘Tea first,’ said Mariana conversationally and calmly, sending his face just as sober as Melzi’s when he had left.
To Be continued…
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Comments 9
Sakifay Mary Thank you Sakifay Mary
Sep 1st 2018
♡ AMaZiNg
Aug 31st 2018
Sakifay Mary Thanks Sakifay Mary
Aug 13th 2018
Irza Good Irza
Jul 1st 2018
Berha No problemo Berha
Jun 23rd 2018
Sakifay Mary Thnx you two! Sakifay Mary
Jun 22nd 2018
Urwa Gr8 Job👍👍👌👌 Urwa
Jun 18th 2018
Berha Amazing amazing Berha
Jun 17th 2018
Berha Amazing amazing Berha
Jun 17th 2018

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