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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
The Vampiress
Published On Jun 10th 2018
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Next Day        
“So am I just supposed to sit here?” Adalyn interviewed Mr. Sir. “Oh yes. Until your enhanced senses kick in”
A Little Later
“Is that fresh cinnamon buns and lemon meringue pies?? Jade is having a Splash Sleepover??? Without me????” Adalyn was horrified by that last thing that she heard. Mr. Sir smiled in delight and told her “Your senses have kicked in. Let the training begin”
-~-After Training-~-
“Intense x 1000” Replied Adalyn as Noah asked her how her training had been. “Why did you leave me there?” She asked as she nudged him playfully. “Yeah… Sorry about that…” Adalyn chuckled.
“Ahem… Excuse me. I have something to announce.” Mr. Coulson bellowed. Noah and Adalyn turned their attention to Mr. Coulson who continued “Adalyn Monroe will be attending Ravenwood of The Network School from Monday and onwards.”
“What’s Ravenwood of The Network Schools?” She asked Mr. Coulson. “Noah. Explain. I have to go.” Was the reply
Noah turned to face Adalyn “It’s complicated…”
Chapter 6: About The Network Schools
The Network Schools is basically a Network of different schools throughout the globe (All Network Schools are boarding schools) . These schools have a mixture of ‘species’ such as witches, wizards, vampires, superheroes, werewolves, nymphs, mermaids, angels, valkryies etc… Ravenwood is one the eight schools that are scattered throughout the world. Mildred Vladmir is the High Director of The Network Schools. Valerie Ravenwood is the Principal of Ravenwood Institute of Myths (that’s the full name). Robin Richardson is the Director of The Network Schools in the continents of Africa and America, along with him is Emily Vincent. The Network Schools hold a contest called The Competition (I know, not very creative) but among the students it is more commonly known as Death-wish. Anybody can participate but anybody other than 3rd years is crazy and is a raving lunatic. People only enter because of the prize which is a charm made by the High Priestess’s personal jeweller and a chance to study with Miss Kara and Mister Hayden. Not only that but also you will learn a special something that changes according to your race. If you are a witch perhaps the incantation to lift a Death Curse or an Inheritance Curse. The High Priestess is sort of like a queen in the ‘Mythical World’ but she has more power than her husband The High Priest. Their real names are Sage Byrd (Bird) and Dominic Byrd. You don’t really have to remember these names. They’re just extra information. Also each Network School has 3 years. Age doesn’t really matter but most 1st years are 16 years of age.
Note: The Network Schools will play a big part in the story so if you didn't understand I will try my best to explain it to you.
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Comments 11
Berha Twilight part was purely accidental and harry potter part... not accidental Berha
Jul 10th 2018
Irza Wow so exciting. I found a little bit of Harry Potter in there. ;) and just a hint of twilight. Don't know if it was purposeful or accidental but loved it anyway Irza
Jul 1st 2018
Berha Posted the next part. waiting for approval Berha
Jun 26th 2018
Berha @urwa yes but i do not know much about it. thank u all Berha
Jun 14th 2018
Urwa Valkyries!!So do you like Norse mythology?? Urwa
Jun 11th 2018
Noorish Nice Noorish
Jun 11th 2018
Berha I won't be sending more parts until after 18th June, maybe I will post parts before 18th June but it is unlikely and Eid Mubarak Berha
Jun 11th 2018
Berha I won't be sending more parts until after 18th June, maybe I will post parts before 18th June but it is unlikely and Eid Mubarak Berha
Jun 11th 2018
Aiza Excellent, please continue Aiza
Jun 11th 2018
Berha Thanks guys for your appreciation! Berha
Jun 10th 2018
Urwa This is FANGULOUS(Fabulous)👍👍💞💞 Urwa
Jun 10th 2018

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