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Anas Hassan
Anas Hassan
Torronto School Of Acadmey Excellence
Miracle Pills
Published On Jun 7th 2018
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That's what the label said, Miracle Pills, When they first appeared in the market. Everyone was unsure whether it was possible what these common looking pills were claiming of ; People tried and it worked. They met their love ones again, long lost ones.
The pills were manufactured by 'Lived Flesmih ltd'. I never had heard that name earlier and so do other people too, But the claim they made cause their product to become the top grossing in whole of state. The claim was a statement which hit hard as brick; ' A single pill before sleep and meet your demised love ones again, in dreams'.
These words were enough to flog hundreds of people toward local retailers. Every person had a story and reason to buy them. A daughter wanted to talk to her cancer-deceased mother. A father eager to hear few words from his martyred son, a soldier, who was bombed in Afghanistan. some others just wanted to know whether their grandparents were now in peace. Let me make it clear. I just didn't believed in any of this. I knew their was a huge fraud going on. A negative vibe seem to overtake me. Something was not right, maybe any of this wasn't. Well, I was wrong, Maybe.
people started reporting the unbelievable. They indeed were happier than ever. They did dream of their close friends and family, who had died long ago. They all were filled with joy. It seem all worldly worries didn't matter after a small conversation with the heavenly ones. A woman reported she talked to her sister in dream, who had died in a car accident 6 years ago. She was still as beautiful as she was on that day, the day of her accident. Her brighten face was the prove that she was not lying; tears rolled down her cheeks as she reported this all to a local news channel.
People like her flooded from all over the state, Hundred and thousands of them. People started to head toward churches, mosques and temples. Everyone busy asking ' God' for their forgiveness. Everyone was happy, except I of course.
I was sure this was not possible in anyway. I imagined how these pills were somehow hijacking your memory and repeating them to the same person, making him feel as if he met the dead in dreams. That was my theory and it went down the well when I noticed something strange,something very sinister about these pills and its brand name.
I was just repeating the word 'Lived Flesmih' in a way if I was breaking a code or something. Instinctively, I read it backward and it called ' Devil Himself ltd'. Well, that was intense. Maybe this whole thing is a fraud and the ' Devil himself' is after all this. But again it's just my theory.
It's been couple of weeks since things have started getting a bit rough. the ' Dead ones' are telling people what to do ; they are informing how good always doesn't help in the hereafter, like you must do what you like and consider it fair and good, that is the true pure action from heart. And you know what? people actually started believing that.
Crime rate is at its height, people are being extremely violent. Discipline has been long forgotten. People are doing what they think and consider right. Maybe the time has come when the buried and somehow undead
are ruling our brains. The state is in chaos now.
Sometimes I feel maybe whom we saw in dreams weren't our love ones. Maybe it's far more complicated and creepier than that only. An army of devils maybe? And what did ' Devil himself' meant? a hidden message? A warning? A foreshadow? but again, maybe its just me and my theories, is it?
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Comments 7
Noorish Wowww nice story..... And i agree with urwa that illuminatis are trying to rule us in many ways... There is an example of this Ariana Grande's songs when reversed gave the proof that she is illuminati.... One if her songs gave the words....."I live for Satan" when they were reversed ................ May Allah protect us from the evil eyes... Aameen.. Noorish
Jun 12th 2018
yashfeen Amazing Yashfeen
Jun 11th 2018
Sabeen Wow Sabeen
Jun 9th 2018
Berha 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Berha
Jun 8th 2018
Muhammad Wow Muhammad
Jun 7th 2018
Aiza Wow, great one Aiza
Jun 7th 2018
Urwa Gr8 story and thinking👍,Nowadays The devils are really controlling the thinking of people only instead of miracle pills the ultimate weapons of the devils or devil worshippers i.e Illuminati is media through which they influence the whole world greatly.Because humans tend to believe what they see n hear continuously even if they know its wrong and this is used against them to lead them to the wrong path. Urwa
Jun 7th 2018

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