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Ramsha Ghofran
Ramsha Ghofran
Dawood Public School
Published On Jun 6th 2018
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October 2017

Rank 8 Out of 10
 Cah,Cah,Cah, that is all i hear! From the moment i laid my eyes on this dreadful, horrid creature which just so happens to be a crow, i knew it would be a bad influence. On my birthday this year, I was planning to wear a beautiful red dress for the party when a crow flew out of nowhere and snatched it like a thief from my hands. I ran inside and grabbed my brother's baseball bat and tried in vain to hit the crow, but it was of no use. I came back into the house, frustrated, when a mind blowing idea ambushed my mind! Crows like the colour red, so why not make a red bird trap!!? In less than an hour, I stood by our garden admiring the masterpiece i had created. I sneakily went inside the house and waited from the victim to step into the place of danger! That was when i heard a loud snap! The trap caught the crow's tail and was unable to fly away with my dress. I took my dress and guess what was next!? THERE WAS A HUGE HOLE IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!ArGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
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Comments 4
Aiza Lol Aiza
Jun 11th 2018
Urwa 👍😂 Urwa
Jun 8th 2018
baahjat Hi nice story ramsha please write more about dragons and marshmallows Baahjat
Jun 8th 2018
Berha HAHA Berha
Jun 8th 2018

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