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Afra Fatima
Afra Fatima
Maths Test
Published On Jul 21st 2011
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(Here is my first poem I wrote when I was 13)
Life boat was smoothly sailing,
But here comes the thunderstorm of failing,
Heart beats faster inside my chest,
Whenever there is a maths test,
Some think it’s a piece of cake,
But I think it’s a headache,
Taking square root,
But didn’t find my perfect route,
Multiplying powers,
I am checking my will power,
Why is maths so hard,
It should be easy as playing UNO cards,
Why was maths created?
Mom says it makes me educated,
I hate myself when I am stuck in such an equation,
I become grumpy and I hate that situation,
I hate when algebra asks me to find its lost friend "X",
Please tell algebra it’s lost in the ABC and it’s not coming back,
I hate geometry when I am hanging on a triangle,
Making weird arcs, trying to make a perfect angle,
Don’t want to get fail,
My life boat should easily sail.
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Comments 20
Raniah Wonderful Raniah
Feb 2nd 2013
Azka Ur poem's really nyc... and yeah, I luv maths n don't find it that hard!! Azka
Jan 13th 2012
xerac Wonderfully written but i dont find maths that hard Xerac
Nov 11th 2011
mariam I lov the poem but so maths Mariam
Nov 10th 2011
aamna Nice poem Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
sapphire Wonderful poem :) Sapphire
Sep 10th 2011
Directioner Forever I hate maths & luv ur poem Directioner Forever
Aug 26th 2011
fatima I actually like doing maths Fatima
Aug 13th 2011
Saba Awesummmmmmmmmmm wonderful poemm well maths is not difficult it neeeds practice nothing else bt dis is one of the best poem i hav evr read Saba
Jul 31st 2011
Shahamah Superb poem+simile..but i am not agreed with you coz i am in love with maths =) Shahamah
Jul 30th 2011
Disenchanted. It avery lovely poem and it is true. Disenchanted.
Jul 28th 2011
alina I think You deserves to win... Alina
Jul 28th 2011
alina Nyc poem!!!! Alina
Jul 25th 2011
Fizzah Really awsome poem Fizzah
Jul 24th 2011
afra Thanks for liking every one ...=D Afra
Jul 23rd 2011
Faiqa Very Good, but I also think why most of the people r afraid of maths! Faiqa
Jul 22nd 2011
Urooj Absolutely true!!same feelings about maths and al ghagra(al gebra)and realllllllly nyssssssss poem......... Urooj
Jul 22nd 2011
Tanzeela Really true Tanzeela
Jul 21st 2011
Ahmed Really nyc poem but dont know why people scared with maths Ahmed
Jul 21st 2011
Aisha A wonderful poem Aisha
Jul 21st 2011

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