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Ebrahim Chaudhry
Ebrahim Chaudhry
Beaconhouse Margla Institute
The Haunted Town
Published On May 5th 2018
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September 2017

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It was a sunny Sunday, when Ali planned to visit the nearby town. He wanted to see as if there were parks so that he could arrange some party for his friends. He was advised many times by his parents not to go there as it takes a lot of time going there. When he hesitated, his parents allowed him to go. He took his bright red coloured bicycle, and went as fast as he could. After an hour of tiresome cycling, he finally arrived. The town was lush green. There were many plantings and many different coloured plants were planted. The town was maintained as there was on litter on the ground. The weather was also very clear. There was a cool and refreshing breeze. The butterflies made the town even more beautiful. The pleasant sound of sparrows was heard. Ali noticed that even though the weather was very revitalizing no one was outside on the streets or in the park. Ali entered the park sat down under the shade of a huge green tree. The scent of roses was prominent. Ali took out his juice and quenched his thirst. He was so weary that he slept under the shade. When he woke up, he found himself in an old small dingy room. There was a small window through which Ali looked and saw that five men of age twenty-five wearing red shirts were standing just below the room. He tried to open the door but it was heavily rusted. He found a crowbar and pried open the door. When he got out, he saw that there was nobody and kept walking until he found his cycle. As he sat on his cycle, something hard hit him on the head and he fainted. When he got into his consciousness, he saw that he was in the same park. The only thing was that he was surrounded by those men. Looking closely, he saw that they were not humans at all. They were ghosts! He quickly stood up and sped toward his cycle like a bullet. He sat on his cycle and bolted towards the houses. He saw that he got rid of them but unluckily there were uncountable of them now. They were running very fast. Ali managed to make a plan. He cycled in loops as to confuse the ghosts and to get rid of them. As he was making some progress, his cycle chain got broken and he banged painfully. He saw the creatures coming towards him. They were about to slice him with their big swords but he closed his eyes tightly. When he opened his eyes, he found himself under the same green tree. He was surprised to know that it was all a dream. He was very late as it was the time of dusk. He took his cycle and slowly and gently cycled towards his town.
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Comments 9
ahmad Very nice story I loved it keep it up bro. Ahmad
Aug 31st 2018
Zainab Wow its very spooky. congratulations!! Zainab
Jul 4th 2018
Ebrahim Thank you very much. Ebrahim
Jun 13th 2018
Fiza Sorry!I meant spooky!!!!!!!!! Fiza
Jun 5th 2018
Fiza Scoopy Fiza
Jun 5th 2018
hafsah Very nice effort😊 Hafsah
May 17th 2018
ali Very nicely written! loved it very much! Inspiring. Ali
May 17th 2018
yashfeen Nice 1 Yashfeen
May 17th 2018
ali A Ali
May 17th 2018

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