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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
The Vampires
Published On May 17th 2018
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It was a normal day for Adalyn as she was walking down the streets of Manhattan. But you and I both know it wasn't normal.
Chapter 1: Streets of Manhattan
"Can you drop me off a few blocks before my house?" Adalyn pleaded. "No can do Ada, you know Mom doesn't allow me after Ten, she's gonna freak, if I don't be home right now." Explained Jade as she walked towards her car "Sorry you failed Driver's Ed!". 'Ugh, now I have to walk all the way from the cinema to my house!' Adalyn spoke under her breath as she saw her friend drive past her leaving a cloud of smoke. She started walking slowly then picked up her pace as she knew her parents would kill her if she arrived later than Eleven. She walked down the streets of Manhattan with cars racing past her and girls hurriedly rushed past her. She could overhear a bit conversation between two girls; "Did you know Emma was suspended for toppling the book shelves of the School Library??" the other girl looked at her with complete satisfaction and replied "Well, she was going to get it one day, you do kn-" that was all Adalyn could hear, "Gossip, obviously" She whispered to herself. As she got nearer and nearer to Waterslide Lane, the people on the streets started to disappear and not as in the 'magically vanished' more like 'nobody was walking on the streets except Adalyn'. She now had to cross the street to get to 'Home Sweet Home'. A truck was on the move but all trucks moved slowly so Adalyn risked it and started to cross but she was in the middle when she discerned she couldn't make it. The truck driver pulled to a stop when the girl wasn't even on the road anymore. The driver hopped out and inspected the road a bit more then shrugged and returned to his truck and drove off. Adalyn was in a bit of a shock when she opened her eyes to see a boy of her age with complete jet black hair, emerald-green eyes who was total stranger she backed away a bit and realized her arm was aching with pain she rolled her sleeve, still notcing the stranger was there and at once he said "The Lopan, you've been poisoned", Adalyn stared at him in diselief but remembered her lesson is school she surely had been poisoned but is wasn't spreading, thankfully. She thought she could make it to the hospital but the boy spoke up "You'll never make it" as if he just read her mind. The boy went closer to her and she didn't remember further. She woke in a hospital bed, her Mom was sitting on a chair slightly crying and her husband consoling her. "Mom? Dad?" muttered Adalyn. Her Mom looked up and exclaimed "My little Ada! You're awake" she paused and looked at her husband and said in a slightly lower voice "She's awake" Adalyn's father nodded and if you studied him long enough you could see the tear rolling down his cheek.
The nurse ushered the parents out of the room for a while and told the girl "You're very lucky, by the time your parents found you outside, you should've died. It looked like most of the Lopan was sucked out. You should see the bite marks on your arm." Adalyn, all of a sudden, remembered that boy, the complete stranger. When she turned to her arm, it was almost completely bandaged. The nurse continued on for a bit then left for Adalyn to rest a bit.
Chapter 2: We Meet Again
Adalyn tossed and turned a phrase here which Adalyn had difficulty sleeping, until she could finally sleep. A few moments later she awoke by the slight drizzle of rain outside. She looked outside and was comforted by the water splashing on the ground reminding her of her time at the beach with her family when she was younger. A boy came into the room perhaps to meet the other people who were lying on a white bed, but he came closer and closer to Adalyn. When she eventually realized somebody was staring at her she turned to see the same jet-black hair and emerald-green eyes. "Y..yo..You" she stuttered, "Yes me, Noah, I'd prefer" Adalyn furrowed her brows and asked "Noah?"
"Yes Noah, I'm sure it is a name you've heard of before"
"Of course I have" Adalyn said regaining her confidence. "Why are you here, and did you suck the poison?" She started questioning him without giving him any space to answer. The he just said "Stop!" Adalyn was terrified even though he was no more older than she. "You won't understand anything if I tell you, you have to see for yourself Adalyn." Adalyn didn't understand then a slight chill went down her spine "How do you know my name?"
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Comments 11
Irza Wow. i mean, if Adalyn knew Noah's name -or recognised it- then i guess it was fair that Noah knew her name too. BUT HOW...... lol me and my suspense Irza
Jun 1st 2018
Aiza Correction *read* not feed Aiza
May 26th 2018
Berha Thank You so much Yashfeen :) Berha
May 25th 2018
yashfeen Out of words ....I love it Yashfeen
May 23rd 2018
Berha Guys its actually the vampiress. Thanks all for your appreciation Berha
May 23rd 2018
Rahmah Amazinggggggggg!!!!!!!!! Rahmah
May 21st 2018
Yaseera Its okay berha at least Its published my stuff takes ages the get published aswell Yaseera
May 21st 2018
Sakifay Mary Read my story The Vampire city it is a bit like that!!! Anyway your story is great!! Sakifay Mary
May 21st 2018
Aiza Fabulous, it seriously scared me, really looking forward to feed the next part Berha Aiza
May 20th 2018
Berha Of course Yaseera! I submitted this months ago and now it is published :( Berha
May 20th 2018
Yaseera Woah It is scary and creepy like somebody knowing ur name is so scary and weird and u even don't know that person who he/she is anyways if it is scary and spooky I love it!! Ur stories are great Berha Please publish the next part soon I want to read it so badly! Yaseera
May 18th 2018

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