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Laiba Imtinan
Laiba Imtinan
Crescent Model School Shadman Lahore
Exam Anxiety
Published On Mar 29th 2018
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Whole day wasted,
No fun tasted ,
I spend hours preparing for exams.
Swifting through the pages,
Haven't slept for ages,
My mind gets totally jammed.
Why is it me who studies all night,
With a stupid headlamp which gets way too bright!
Why is it me who studies all day,
With a vacant life and nothing to play!
My brother dances whole day and I feel like "NO WAY!"
They wander everywhere and got nowhere to stay!
Why's it me who gets locked up away
No one cares whether or not I'm Okay!
School exams... I really hate!
Because they never arrive late,
I promise to score higher than a classmate,
But DAMN! That's not mentioned in my fate!
Why is it me who studies whole year,
And start to fear when exams are near????
Why is it me who's an owl every day?
And still gets confused about my percentage!
Exams are just pulling me out of my rage!
God! I'm never going to escape this cage.
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Comments 13
Laiba Yea... I know it's rude but I'm not referring it to any person :) Laiba
Oct 15th 2018
Hamna Wowwwwwwwwwww Hamna
Aug 5th 2018
Hamna WOW Hamna
Jul 19th 2018
Hamna WOW Hamna
Jul 19th 2018
Urwa Excellent👍👌👏 Urwa
Jul 14th 2018
Anna Love it!!! Anna
Apr 26th 2018
Zainab WOW!!!! Very nice poem,I love it👏🏻 Zainab
Apr 5th 2018
Berha Laiba I would prefer if you would not use the word 'Damn' cuz it is a bit rude. But I loved it the rhyming was spot on! Berha
Apr 3rd 2018
Laiba Thanks sweethearts.. I'm in ten almost Laiba
Apr 2nd 2018
zainab Outstanding!!!!! Zainab
Apr 2nd 2018
Maheen Amazing Maheen
Apr 1st 2018
Yaseera Wow so amazing Yaseera
Mar 31st 2018
yashfeen Wow which grade are you in? Yashfeen
Mar 29th 2018

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