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Azzaam Rajput
Azzaam Rajput
The Fahims
Let's Fly
Published On Feb 16th 2018
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September 2017

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Once upon a time there lived an eagle which was pretty responsible on her personal matters . One day when she fly to find some delicious food for her children one of the egg fell over and rolled to nearby chicken poultry . After some hours the eagle returns to her nest and found one of the eggs missing , this egg was actually very grand for her because it was the day of hatching.She find her egg every where but couldn't so she left it and thought that it might be in great hands.Meanwhile in the poultry the chickens were astoundingly staring at the mighty egg and decided to keep it safe.
                                                                                                             when the egg hatched the mother chicken at time was very very happy for she got the rarest baby in the whole poultry . The mother chicken was very happy and  keep the eagle's baby as her own and raise him up.Then one day he aske his mother that why can,t they fly so the mother said"you should keep your beak shut being a big brother to all chicks, so then later that day the eagle's real mother came and spoted her lost baby and just became troublesome to the other chicken than suddenly the baby eagle saw it and defined himself to the eagle and found that she was his real mother .He go to the monster and asked her to be polite so the mother eagle said that she was here to have him  again to real family .The baby eagle told her that he can't fly so her mother was there atleast four to five weeks then at final test the baby eagle was at first try and started to fly but tripple and failed ,second tie healso did the same but tripple and failed again then at third time he tried and was able to fly.He was very astounded and thanks for chicken to be his mother in place for many years and the mother chicken was also delighted with tears in her eyes she saw the great acheiveent and see him flying home until dissapeared in clouds.
MORAL:always try everything that you are afraid of.
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Comments 4
Azzaam Thanks fir support! Azzaam
Nov 13th 2018
Berha ...Good... Berha
May 2nd 2018
Sakifay Mary You are a deep thinker Sakifay Mary
Apr 14th 2018
Zainab Amazing!!!! Zainab
Apr 3rd 2018

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