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Sher Mohammad Razi
Sher Mohammad Razi
New Middle East International School Riyadh
Published On Jul 21st 2011
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      There are five pillars of Islam. One of them is fasting. There are thirty days in a year in which fasting is compulsory. These days come in the holy month of Ramadan. This is the month in which the holy Quran was revealed. These are the best days of the year.  During these days the Satan is tied with ropes and the gates of hell are closed. This month is also called the month of blessings, a month of rewards, a month of unity, a month of opportunity, a month of mercy.
Fasting teaches us many lessons and it gives us practice of jihad. We get to know that how a poor feels when he/she have no food and water and they spend days and nights without a single bite of food. During the fast we are prohibited to eat or drink
During the month of Ramadan we get double reward for any good deed we do. As we get double reward for any good deed we do, we also get double penalty for any bad deed we do. So in this month we should be extraordinary careful about doing bad deeds.
It is a very blessed month. It is said that the holy prophet (Peace Be upon Him) started preparing for Ramadan from two months before and prayed to Allah that (Allahhumma ballighna Ramadan)”OH GOD PLEASE GIVE ME RAMADAN”. We should eat saher before fasting because there is barkat in it and it is also a Sunnah.
A dua for all Muslim ummah {ALLAHUMMA BALLIGHNA RAMADAN} (AMEEN).
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