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Mairah Ahmed
Mairah Ahmed
Bahria College
The Princess And The Mirror
Published On Jul 21st 2011
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‘‘Mirror, mirror, magic mirror...who is the most beautiful girl in the world?'' asked Princess Hazel. ‘‘Every girl in this world is beautiful except you!'' replied the magic mirror.'' oh you stupid mirror! I hate you!'' Smaaaaaashhh! Princess Hazel shouted and threw away the mirror and it broke into many pieces.'' you know nothing, you old mirror! It was a big mistake when i bought you from Snow White's step-mother!'' said Princess in a sarcastic tone.'' Snow White's step-mom was an ugly woman and you always told her that she was ugly so you became used to of saying this nonsense!''Hazel left the room in anger. When her mom saw her, she asked, ‘‘what’s the matter Hazel?'' ‘‘Mom my mirror told me that i am ugly! I have dark skin and I am fat and small!'' saying this Hazel began to cry. ‘‘No my princess, you are beautiful! ''Hazel's mom tried to console her. ‘‘Mom, you always lie to me! But this time you will have to do what i want!''Princess said. ‘‘What do you want my child?'' asked her mom. ‘‘I want complete makeover. Please take me to the best plastic surgeon who will give me a new look. ''Princess Hazel requested. ''hehehe...'' her mom laughed. '' Plastic surgery isn't a magic dear and you are too young to think about all this. God has given you all the blessings of life that many people of your age are deprived of. You must be thankful to God. ''Hazel’s mom tried to guide her daughter. While Princess and her mom were talking to each other, Hazel's Granny came out of her room and joined them. ‘‘We can't have everything in our life but should be thankful to God for what we have. ''Granny told Hazel. ''Sometimes God makes beautiful faces and sometime beautiful hearts. You have a beautiful heart my child, and you are more needed by this world than those who have just external beauty.'' granny explained to Hazel. Princess Hazel hugged her granny. She had tears in her eyes as now she had realised the true meaning of being beautiful. She asked her mom to take her outside the Palace where many peoples needed her. Since then, Hazel began to do charity work and gained a lot of love and respect from everywhere. She didn’t need any magic mirror to enquire about her looks; people loved her the way she was because of her beautiful nature.
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Comments 17
Khadija Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Khadija
Oct 26th 2013
laiba Mairah - do u live in de naval complex? i m just thinking about leaving fazaia and complete my matric n fsc in de bahria but stilllllll there r 2 yrs left to do de va ...what do think about it , is bahria better than fazaia Laiba
Oct 19th 2013
Mairah Khair mubarak Mairah
Aug 17th 2013
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak Arwa
Jul 13th 2013
Gullasht Hi mairah plz you like and comment on my story ant in the castle plz plz Gullasht
Mar 29th 2013
mathilda Plz ad meh we r school mates Mathilda
Nov 5th 2012
Moeez Cheateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Moeez
Sep 22nd 2012
Momina You have cheated this story from dawn mag! you have cheated and that is horrid! horrid,horrid,horrid! Momina
Oct 12th 2011
Azka Its ok mahirah, if u didn't write it! It doesn't matter, cuz it ws something that has spread knowledge, so......i like it too! Azka
Oct 6th 2011
Aleena I have read it in urdu but in english its also nice.... Aleena
Aug 26th 2011
Mairah Sorryyyyyyy i will not cheat again and i will try to write my own actually i liked that story in dawn magazine so i wrote that. Mairah
Jul 27th 2011
Farha You are right alina Farha
Jul 25th 2011
alina If this story is cheated by Mairah then it's foolish and absolutley not good.but if she has written it by herself then it's simply nice......... Alina
Jul 25th 2011
wardah I like your story Wardah
Jul 25th 2011
No I have read this in dawn kids magazine. u have cheated this story from that. No
Jul 25th 2011
hurriya Very gudd story Hurriya
Jul 24th 2011
Aisha Nice story Aisha
Jul 21st 2011

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