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Samia Shams
Samia Shams
Al-fadhl Pakistan Int'l School Makkah
Published On Jul 18th 2011
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What starts with t, ends with t and have t in it? Give answers in comments.
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Comments 20
 Shiza Hey! its very easy. Shiza
Mar 17th 2014
Areeba Samia can u plz accept my friend request . I love ur write ups Areeba
Jun 9th 2013
Soha Easy!!!!! It's teapot!! Sorry to say but it's copied!! Sorry but please don't take it as an insult.. Please. Soha
Feb 11th 2013
Elsa Please add me as your friend Elsa
Jan 25th 2013
samia Thnx wafa for advice Samia
Aug 17th 2011
Zainab Maybe we r not insulting you bt its teapot..............xD Zainab
Aug 6th 2011
Wafa Well samia nobody is insulting you we were just telling it is behind the teabags Wafa
Aug 4th 2011
samia Are you guys insulting me or what Samia
Aug 1st 2011
Disenchanted. If u got the ridle from the Lipton Teabags then it is sure that it is teapot. Disenchanted.
Jul 26th 2011
Fatima Ya behined the lipton teabags Fatima
Jul 24th 2011
Fatima Teapot Fatima
Jul 24th 2011
Momina Its a teapot alright Momina
Jul 23rd 2011
Humn@ OBV Teapot !!! Humn@
Jul 21st 2011
fatima Teapot very easy.... Fatima
Jul 20th 2011
Humn@ OBV teapot!!! Humn@
Jul 20th 2011
Wafa This riddle is there behined the lipton teabags Wafa
Jul 19th 2011
samia Good job every body.the answer is teapot Samia
Jul 18th 2011
Shahamah Teapot Shahamah
Jul 18th 2011
Pivak The answer iz teapot... m i right??? Pivak
Jul 18th 2011
Urooj I dont know!!!!!u telll Urooj
Jul 18th 2011

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