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Aisha Abdul Quddus
Aisha Abdul Quddus
Bright Future Pakistani International School
Cool Invention
Published On Jul 20th 2011
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Yesterday when I was using vacuum cleaner to clean my room, suddenly I thought, ‘Who was the person behind the vacuum cleaner. I have never read it in books, let me find it now.’
Then I opened my laptop and searched for the person who made our lives so easier. At last I found it. This is what I found.
‘In 1903, Herbert Booth became the brains behind the vacuum cleaner’
Thanks to Herbert for inventing the vacuum cleaner.
Now the very same day, when I was taking out ice-cream from the refrigerator, I thought ‘Now who is the man behind the refrigerator. This time I asked my daddy. He told me
‘In 1851, Dr John Gorrie came up with the idea of refrigerator, inspired by his plan to keep fevered patients cool through pressured gases’
Now today when I was completing my holiday’s homework, as I had to draw diagrams so I used my best pencil and then you know what happened and this time it was my elder cousin’s turn to tell me about the invention of pencil. This is what he said
‘Pencils were the idea of Conrad Gesner from Germany, who took the soft material of carbon and encased it in wood in 1565.’
Friends last month when I was going to school, as you know that there is always construction going on in Qatar so at one spot I saw a big mountain of cement. Then as soon as reached the school I asked my science teacher about the invention of cement. She told me
‘Cement which is used for building, also known as Portland cement was invented by Joseph Aspdin in 1824. He was a British soldier and he mixed limestone and clay to form a stronger substance’
 Friends do you know how to play Chinese whisper, Well, I do know. I think so that most of you would not know about its origin. Let me tell you about it.
Once there was an officer who sent a message to a relay of solider. The message was actually ‘Send reinforcements, we are going to advance’ but the intended recipient received it as ‘Send three or four pence; we are going to dance.' this is how this game started. Isn't that funny.
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Comments 73
Bint waseem Hi ayeshaa.....long tym no c ?!?!?! hw r u? n wht abt studies? Bint Waseem
Apr 21st 2015
princess Accept my frnd request Princess
Apr 27th 2014
yamna Ya inshallah ill also give my exams (pak stds, islamic n others)in october nov, then in may june i may have only 6 subjects!!!! ok when u said that, ill pray for u pls pray for me, it made me laugh, ok last month we had elections for school student council, and i am in grade 9th now so i was running for it the first time!!! and like i used to ask others for vote and they would ask back, and that was hilarious , trust me.( my best frnd was competing me, God it was kinnda very annoying) so u reminded me of the elections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yamna
Nov 4th 2013
Aisha I have exactly same subs except Arabic and Saudi culture and coz i am in eng so i have ict instead of bio...coz in our school we have to select one..Actually the burden i can truly understand but our school like many others make us give Urdu,pakstd and istd in 9 then our burden is reduced and we focus more on science subs and give them in 10....In ur school olevel is of 3 years or 2...and is it edexcel if cie.... Aisha
Nov 3rd 2013
yamna Ok, basically i want to go to medical but my subjects are. English, math, chemistry,biology,physics, ICT,urdu,Pakstds,islamyat, Arabic compulsory, saudi culture. I ight take physiology later maybe, cuz i love it!!! but i have alot of pressure, so i cant, like all these subjects are my own choice, and my mom keeps telling me to drop a few and i say no, and stuff, and plus there is a lot of pressure on me as i said so cant help it lol!!!!!!! inshallah i'll pray for u Yamna
Nov 3rd 2013
Aisha What are yours subjests like eng,med or acc Aisha
Nov 2nd 2013
Aisha Inshallah i will pray fro you....You pray for me in return... Aisha
Nov 2nd 2013
yamna No problem!!! even my cce's will start tomorrow pls pray for me also!!!! Yamna
Nov 2nd 2013
Aisha I am soooo sorry Yamna dear...couldn't reply to your message....My Eid was great we slaughtered a goat here...My Eid was fun, we had numerous activities and shows and dinners here in Qatar......Actually my exams were right after eid holidays so i was kinda busy...They are still going on...So pray that they end up fine... Aisha
Oct 31st 2013
eesha Amazing!!!! Eesha
Oct 25th 2013
yamna EID MUBARAK!!!!!! Yamna
Oct 15th 2013
yamna My studies are going on great!!! we have hajj holidays actually, so we r off until 27th!!! then from 3rd nov., we have cce's( lyk monthly tests u could say!!!) then in dec. we have mid term, eid is gonna be kindda sad actually my big bro went to makkah for hajj volunteers, thats why!!!!!! n even my frnds r in different places, what about u, are you guys slaughtering something, we might a lamb!!! Yamna
Oct 14th 2013
Aisha I am fine alhamdullilah...yeah my first term exams are staring from 27th...what about you...How r r ur studies going....What abt eid... Aisha
Oct 14th 2013
yamna Hi aisha, how r u doin??? u have exams????? Yamna
Oct 12th 2013
Maryam Gr8 way to spread information Maryam
Sep 26th 2013
Aisha Thanx! Aisha
Sep 13th 2013
Minahil I think cement was invented by Byzantines{Romans} Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwonderful>>>>>:-) Minahil
Sep 12th 2013
Aisha Thanx Rafia.....Great that you share interests with me...Well I actually love shoes of all colors but black and dark blue are my fav.... Aisha
Sep 5th 2013
RAFIA Love this story. Hey I read comments that you are interested in shoes. So I am also . What is your favourite colour in choice of shoes. Grrrreeeaaaat!!!!!*** Rafia
Sep 4th 2013
Ghumaisa Accept my request Ghumaisa
Dec 31st 2013
Raniah Yeah INSHALLAH u will win . . . . . :) best of luck . . Raniah
Sep 27th 2012
Aisha Thank u sooooo much dear...Just pray that we win the competition also..... Aisha
Sep 26th 2012
Raniah Aisha ur speech was really very nice . . . . . Raniah
Sep 25th 2012
Aisha Ok wish u best of luck and wish you a safe trip.... Aisha
Sep 4th 2012
Saba Hmmmmm well my name is Saba ....... & me going to Pak on 31 august ok wen i will back within 1 or 2 months will talk vid u ok dear plz remember me in ur duas Saba
Aug 30th 2012
Aisha Yeah sure I want to know ur name... Aisha
Aug 28th 2012
Saba Hmmmmmmm ok abt me that i m very friendly girl & i love to make frnds but i donot run behind those who donot want to b i m very simple girl & i donot like doing fashions & 4 sure im nt crazy over fashion i like to b simple girl most probably i spend my time reading books i like story book of enid blyton & i also read islamic books i love naats u know i listen naat everyday my fav naat reciter is anas younas & quran reciter is Mishary al afasy i also watch cartoon i just like lola& charlie cartoon i donot watch tv or any serials(dramas) my fav color is green & i love roses alot i love to cook too but it depends on my mood tooo i m also a very moody girl wat else u want to know abt me just ask me here ok i will definitly reply :) do u wanna know ,my name aslo??????????? Saba
Aug 28th 2012
Aisha I am not at all angry with u Bint Baji...Actually I answered u the day u asked me but I don't know why v shine didn't approve my for sooo many days i waited for previous comment to be approved but when it wasn't I wrote once again...You also plz tell me about your likes and dislikes..... Aisha
Aug 27th 2012
Aisha Well I am a bit short-tempered bt I am friedly also ....I love nature and beautiful things like fireworks...I like fireworks sooooo much.....I am confident towards others....I cannot bear mess around myself.....I will write more later...... Aisha
Aug 26th 2012
Saba Hey aisha where r u? y r u nt rplying r u cross vid me ????/ Saba
Aug 25th 2012
Saba Aisha tell me abt urself i mean ur abt ur nature & fav, things Saba
Aug 22nd 2012
Saba I mean frnd list :):):) Saba
Aug 18th 2012
Bint &thanks alot 4 rplying ..... Bint
Aug 18th 2012
Bint I guess u r already der in ma frnd ,,,,,,,,, Bint
Aug 18th 2012
Aisha Sorry for late's OK Bint Baji u can ask me as many questions as u like I don't mind.....No their is no specific date of attempting the quiz...U can attempt it at any time of the month...Plz can u be my friend...i would love to make u as my friend... Aisha
Aug 17th 2012
Saba Hey aisha r there any specific dates for attmptin quiz & at wich dates do u attmp quiz ?plzz tel me .....i m sorry i always ask so many ques?/ Saba
Aug 15th 2012
Emaan Aisha, first I'll tell you one thing: I would love to be your friend! And secondly: I like High Heels but I don't wear them much. Thirdly: My fav shoes are converse (pink and black),shiny strappy sandals and black pumps (French! I order hem every Eid!) Emaan
Aug 15th 2012
Aisha Do u like high heels...Which one is ur fav shoe.... Aisha
Aug 1st 2012
Aisha Well that's great that u also like shoes...I do like high heels very much...I mean I love them.....But i don't wear them much...i don't need to coz I have a good height but still i wear it on special ocassions...Hey can i be your friend...I mean u r quite younger than me but still as u have no friend ...and u r a nice girl i wanna be ur friend..... Aisha
Aug 1st 2012
Emaan Really? That's great! Even I like shoes, but I'm not CRAZY over them! D'you like High Heels? I do! Emaan
Jul 31st 2012
Aisha Well Emaan...u are 100% right....I love shoes more than anything....I have a great collection of shoes at home....I have to buy new shoes every time i go outside.... Aisha
Jul 30th 2012
l And I can tell u Emaan...She love shoes....She have a craze about it... L
Jul 30th 2012
Emaan Aisha, I can tell by your picture that you really like shoes :) Emaan
Jul 28th 2012
eisha :) Eisha
Jul 25th 2012
Aisha Yes thanx Eisha, I have read it...Whether i liked it or not u can see from it's comments.... Aisha
Jul 24th 2012
eisha Hey aisha! my new article on nail art (tips, tricks and nail care) has just been uploaded. go and check it out, P.S dont forget to like and comment :) Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
Emaan Wow, I never knew that! And the invention of chinese whisper was so funny, LOL :-) BTW grrrrrreat story! Emaan
Jul 22nd 2012
Aisha I am absolutely fine and lifes great!!! What about u and how r ur studies and where r u studying thesé days.... Aisha
Mar 11th 2012
Izza A.O.A! Aisha, you forgot ME!!!!...that's terrible...........!! r u & howz life going???? Izza
Jan 26th 2012
Rida Very informative.Sooo woww of you inventing so many things!!!! Rida
Dec 28th 2011
xerac Aisha u've done a great job Xerac
Dec 19th 2011
Urooj Owsummmmm and informative.......!!! Urooj
Nov 2nd 2011
Dazzling @Bareera...well Aleeza Zafar hav already completed century...108 frndx..:) Dazzling
Oct 10th 2011
Bareera Wowwww!!!! n congratz u r nearly completing ur frnds century Bareera
Sep 21st 2011
Dazzling Khuzema i saw u too...!!!wOw...i also wanna chance to show up on TV..:| Dazzling
Sep 20th 2011
Dazzling GoOOOD..!!!luvd it..:) Dazzling
Sep 20th 2011
Bint waseem Gud!!!! Bint Waseem
Sep 10th 2011
Zainab Waowwwww!!!!!!! Zainab
Aug 20th 2011
Aisha Thank u so much for liking my story.. Aisha
Aug 20th 2011
Bareera Nicccyyy Bareera
Aug 18th 2011
l Wow good. L
Aug 2nd 2011
Maham Its such a very very great story. i like it a lot. perhaps u can bring it to school after vacations and i will see it in person and we can even show it to some of our teachers. SICA.. Maham
Aug 2nd 2011
Fahad Informative! Fahad
Jul 30th 2011
Aisha Yes Khuzema at last i saw you, you are quite cute and pink. Aisha
Jul 30th 2011
maria As u asked me, u can c a small part of it on "youtube" by searching "express news childrens day". Maria
Jul 29th 2011
Aisha Thanks everybody Aisha
Jul 26th 2011
alina Excellent the style of your informative story gr8...keep it up!!!! Alina
Jul 25th 2011
shazma Good story ! It's Informative . Shazma
Jul 23rd 2011
Aisha Dear v-shine team when will I get my magazine. I was the winner of quiz May 2011 and I have uploaded my address. Aisha
Jul 21st 2011
Aisha Thanks Fatima Aisha
Jul 21st 2011
Fatima Nice work Aisha. Fatima
Jul 21st 2011
Aisha Thanks Aisha
Jul 21st 2011
Wafa well i know how to play chinese whisper.your story is good keep it up Wafa
Jul 20th 2011

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