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Zainab  Rizvi
Zainab Rizvi
Pak. International School Khobar
Roller Skates
Published On Dec 20th 2017
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early one morning in a small sleepy town six trucks rumbled and boxes came down.sam skipper called away when trucks drove away,''two boxes were all that I needed today!''.he counted the boxes there were 52 boxes.he sat down and said:
''now what will I do?''
soon an idea popped into Sam's head.he made up a sign and here's what it said: BIG SALE TODAY ON ROLLER SKATES.people came from far and wide.there were even people who had never tried to get around on roller skates.the bensons were out for their afternoon stroll.then they decided to go out and roll.the Bensons got 4 pairs of roller skates.
shopping for supper is no longer a chore.martha fills her in her basket as she zips through
the's fun to shop on roller skates.
be careful, billy
don't go to'r ice-cream cone never's hard to eat ice-cream on roller skates.
Gordon's daddy drove to work in his car, even though his office was not very daddy is cool on his roller skates.
now in this lively town, all the people agree that life is easy as it can be.....
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Comments 15
Zainab Hey, Aiza where I say that I wrote it myself,? Zainab
Mar 9th 2018
Aiza Why did u lie to me zainab? You said that you wrote this yourself but u didn't, my cousin has a story book in which this story is present. Aiza
Mar 8th 2018
Zainab Thanks Zainab
Feb 19th 2018
Fiza Nice Fiza
Jan 31st 2018
Zainab Thank you so much :) Zainab
Jan 14th 2018
Hadia* Its good Hadia*
Jan 13th 2018
Zainab Thank you hafsa. Zainab
Dec 23rd 2017
Zainab Thanks sabeen Zainab
Dec 22nd 2017
Dec 22nd 2017
Sabeen Good Sabeen
Dec 22nd 2017
Zainab Thank you fatima Zainab
Dec 22nd 2017
Fatima Gud 😮😮 Fatima
Dec 21st 2017
Zainab Thank you yaseera Zainab
Dec 21st 2017
Zainab Thanks yaseera Zainab
Dec 21st 2017
Yaseera Good Yaseera
Dec 20th 2017

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