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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Girl 21 Pt 3
Published On Nov 16th 2017
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Chapter 4: New kid
Ruth, now 12, is in Fact Jug which is a sector for kids who are 12 and above. It is harsh, mean and has way too many facts. Ruth who secretly sometimes sneaks food for stray dogs was completely okay she was not hurt in any way but if you had 5x better eyesight then you could probably see the tears well up in her eyes. Why, you may ask was she crying? Well, all the other were getting beaten too. They took half of your lunch if you made a mistake and whole of your lunch and getting beaten if you don't know a fact. Harsh... bit too harsh. But what can I do, all I'm doin' is writing the truth (It is not a true story though).Mr. Ekima, I know weird name, called the class "1 to 22 look at me!" he ordered and turned the attention to a strawberry blonde girl with green eyes and a skirt with pretty colorful shirt. Mr. Ekima made a disgusted face at her and handed her a grey sweatshirt and black trousers. She looked a bit glum when she took the clothes and went to the enormous, scary bathroom to change. She came back with her tied in a tight pony and no accessory except a plain black strap on her hand with a mini clock attached to it (Yep, you're right it's a watch!). Ruth didn't think much at the time she was focusing on the board, though she did catch a glimpse at the colorful new girl. Mr. Ekima introduced her as 23 or in other words Victoria High Middleton daughter of Queen Eleanor High Middleton. Mr. Ekima warned her "Just by being the Queen's shall not mean any favors missy." She muttered "Yeah like...." and was cut off buy the Mr. Ekima handing her a big fat red book with big bright letters on the front 'Rules 1-1001' she gasped and turned to the class and spotted a seat next to Ryanna and Gree. 21 was busy but she was certain that Victoria would be just like her mother. Cruel, evil, nasty. Ruth sat alone because Mr. Ekima didn't want anybody to be as 'stuck-up' as she was. But Ryanna and Gree weren't comfortable with her as she was a High Middleton so she hopped along and found a seat next to Ruth and sat down quietly. "The name's Victoria, pleased to make your acquaintance?" the new girl asked 21."Rotten girl from a rotten mother. We are neither friends nor acquaintances so find yourself somebody else as snotty and stuck up as you" 21 thought hard and ended up answering "Not really, I don't really like your mom. And a tip; Never were something colorful ever again" Ruth ended up being too close to 23. She breathed in her face and made way to the lunchroom not sure what to do with her new seat mate....What happened? Find out for yourself. She could've gained an ally or an enemy. Find out in the next chapter.
Sorry I couldn't write it earlier I submitted disturbances and mad molly it hasn't approved. Anything guys, I love your appreciation! I also need some fresh ideas my exams are going on so got really little to think. Cause I want this to be realistic I don't want any magic or ghosts involved so try to keep your ideas well under the line of magic or any supernatural things. But if you really think the idea is great (and involves magic or something like that) you can tell me. I'll keep it in mind. Also I want to thank everybody who has appreciated me and been my friend. I also want to thank my English book author Rachel Redford for putting a paragraph from hard times into my book! Have a nice day!!!!
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Comments 7
hafsa Very Interesting, Nice work! Hafsa
Jun 21st 2018
hafsa Very Interesting, Nice work! Hafsa
Jun 21st 2018
Irza Well done Irza
Nov 26th 2017
Maheen Awesome Maheen
Nov 19th 2017
Berha So much thanks both Sabeen and Ayesha. Thanks you so much guys Berha
Nov 17th 2017
Ayesha I aprecciate your work! Nice! Fantastic! Beautiful! Amazing! I am so enthusiatic about this story that i am very speechelss!! And one more word: "Interesting!" Ayesha
Nov 17th 2017
Sabeen Nice Sabeen
Nov 17th 2017

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