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Irza  Mir
Irza Mir
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry
The Threats
Published On Oct 27th 2017
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It was the middle of the night. Stephanie paced around the room, arms crossed across her chest.
She read the message again and again. It was another threat.
"quit what??"
Every week, a new message arrived, shorter but scarier than the previous one.
She took her phone out and called the police station.
She described the situation.
"So? what do you expect us to do? I was having such a good dream before you called and scared the life out of me."
Stephanie clapped her hand sarcastically.
"Wow! If someone wants to become a policeman they should learn from you!"
She threw the phone on the floor and decided she had to take matters into her own hands.
The threats didn't scare her. Instead, they gave her more confidence and urged her to find out who was behind this. But she didn't know anything about the 'anonymous' one and knew she needed someone to help her.
To be continued
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Comments 16
Zainab I love it. Zainab
Jan 6th 2018
Yaseera Sorry i meant just Yaseera
Nov 12th 2017
Yaseera Irza can u pls publish the next part I gust love this story Yaseera
Nov 11th 2017
Irza No problem Irza
Nov 9th 2017
Urooj Thanks Irza and Excellent story!👍👍👍👍 Urooj
Nov 9th 2017
Irza Your always welcome♥ Irza
Nov 7th 2017
Berha @irza I know what sarcastic means but I didn't know why you put it there.. Thanks anyway Berha
Nov 6th 2017
Irza 'P.S' stands for post script and you use it to put extra information in your writing or text etc. Irza
Nov 5th 2017
Urooj Good please can you tell me what does p.s means? Urooj
Nov 3rd 2017
Irza Thank you so so much! @Berha she clapped her hands sarcastically because she wanted to show/tell the policeman that he is not doing his job properly and she wanted him to be ashamed. p.s. sarcastically means being ironic and making fun of something. Next part will hopefully be published soon. Irza
Nov 1st 2017
Berha Thumbs Up! Love the story Irza. But I didn't understand this line 'She clapped her hand sarcastically' why is there clapping? Berha
Oct 30th 2017
Aiza Awesome Irza Aiza
Oct 29th 2017
Ayesha Good job 👍 Ayesha
Oct 28th 2017
Yaseera Wow Irza Yaseera
Oct 27th 2017
Sabeen Awesome story Irza. Waiting for the next part Sabeen
Oct 27th 2017
Urooj Excellent Dear Irza Urooj
Oct 27th 2017

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