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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Girl 21 (part 2)
Published On Oct 8th 2017
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Chapter 2: Emotions run out (Probably)
Ruth is 5 years old in class 7-5 now, she has no hope no faith no love, just facts even (well, probably) Einstein wouldn't know (Probably not...). "Gazelle, 21" Ms. Gloria pointed to Ruth ""gazelle, four feet, 97 km/h, kingdom; Animalia, height; 61-110 cm..." "Enough!" Ms. Gloria interrupted, quite angrily but Ruth was used to this. "Ruth, you may be good but work harder you lack confidence! Now got to stand up and get out of my class, find confidence then get back!" Ms. Gloria stared in her eyes but Ruth was not in any way disturbed she picked her pen and notebook and elegantly walked outside (She knows how to handle a meanie teacher!!). When she started her journey for home she saw dying people and a little sympathy grew in her heart, Ruth tried to shake it off but it wouldn't budge so she let it be. More people and animals lay dead on the street but that was how it always was. How could little Ruth stop QE??? Even if she tried, which she wouldn't, she has no feelings nor will she have any... wait will she??? Mrs. Sterling was at home making meat sandwiches. Ruth ate hers and climbed on her bed and started studying for four hours.... straight, but that was hot it always was and little Ruth couldn't help it. The 32 year old Mr. Sterling was outside at work helping QE (Indirectly of course). 8 p.m. Ruth went to sleep with some milk, 'I'm pretty lucky to have warm milk, soft beds and education.' thought the little 5 year old. Ya know maybe she had sympathy growing in her heart.
Chapter 3: The storm will pass
7 year old Ruth had sympathy growing in her heart but it was all smacked out today after the 'little talk'. You might want to see why, well it all started when brave Ruth stood u to Mr. Hosterman "I don't see why we can't study more than facts like stories or imagination!" started 21 "21, do not talk to me like that i will demote you, I would've done it now but you are a good student so this is your last chance!" argued Hosterman. 21 thought she had nothing to lose because she was already 4 classes ahead of her original. She had been promoted 4x quicker. "I can't leave you with just a warning" Hosterman continued after brief thinking, "Go to Mr. Tayami." 21 stared at Hosterman with an evil glare. Hosterman was petrified... just kidding! Well you could say he was afraid, but every teacher is terrified of 21 she just had this powerful aura she would be successful or like this unexplainable feeling which..! Agh! This is very confusing just think this 21 creates this vibe which too proud teachers are petrified of. 21 walked calmly but sternly out of the room. Mr. Tayami hated 21 because she was always calm even at the most terrifying moments, he just could not understand why, now when 21 entered his office and seated herself on one of the hard, broken wood chairs. "What brings you here, 21?" Mr. Tayami asked, 21 tilted her head upwards and said "Nothing much just an argument with Mr. Hosterman, that's all." 21 responded, "Why are you so calm?? all the time??" He continued with his ridiculous questions, she smiled then even giggled and replied "You can't calm the storm so stop trying. Calm yourself the storm will pass." 21 without another word stood up and left leaving the principal blank for a while.
Yeah! Finally, enough time to combine two chapters, oh and I wanted to tell you that the sneak peak in part 1 is wrong I changed my mind about the aim of the story. Sorry! Any ideas? Any views? Opinions? Anything? Really every single piece of advice could help and don't be shy if you are younger than me anybody can learn from anybody!
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Comments 12
Irza Cool! im a huge fan of JW i've read soooo many books from her so who is ur fav author? Irza
Nov 26th 2017
Berha @Irza I have read the 3 books from Jacqueline Wilson, Tracy Beaker Dare Game, and Tracy Beaker original and Starring Tracy Beaker Berha
Nov 18th 2017
Irza Berha what kind of book do you read? have you read any books from Jacqueline Wilson? Irza
Nov 17th 2017
Berha Kay Irza will give it a thought but recently I've been reading goosebumps and horror or sort of sci-fi so I don't know. But ok anybody have a good story in mind? Berha
Nov 8th 2017
Irza Why don't you read some other stories and pick some ideas out of them. btw this is not stealing. just means idea was too good. Irza
Nov 7th 2017
Berha Yeh Irza I was going for something like that but I need to add ..... (I really can't tell you) Soo probably she'll stand up but, I really don't know I need more ideas.... Berha
Nov 2nd 2017
Irza Really really good! what if 21 went to QE and asked her to be fair with everyone and not be so mean and then QE locks 21 up. just an idea... Irza
Nov 1st 2017
Noorish Nice Noorish
Oct 19th 2017
saad Great Berha. Saad
Oct 16th 2017
Berha :) Berha
Oct 11th 2017
Sabeen Great story Berha waiting for the next part Sabeen
Oct 9th 2017
Yaseera This is Amazing Berha I really like this story and I also want to read the 3rd part Yaseera
Oct 8th 2017

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