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Syeda Dua Rizwan Ul- Haq
Syeda Dua Rizwan Ul- Haq
Pakistan Internatioanl School Jeddah English Section
My Family
Published On Jul 14th 2011
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Comments 24
qurratul I THINK THAT RUMAISA IS RIGHT!!!:(:(:( Qurratul
May 14th 2014
 яυмαιsα EVRY1...jst copy image's URL paste on google and there u go....u can know she's a cheater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND A LIER 2...seriously Dua if u cheated u can jst say i did why r u lyk "noo i did not its made by me..blablabla!!!! яυмαιsα
Oct 3rd 2013
fatimah Hell with all the cheaters!!!!!! Fatimah
Sep 19th 2013
Bint waseem Its beautiful!!!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Nov 3rd 2011
syeda dua Ya i did in art class <3 Syeda Dua
Oct 5th 2011
syeda dua I made it Syeda Dua
Aug 4th 2011
Aleena Dear Dua you can easily say that you wanted to share it with all us but plz don't lie. you can also see my drawing of "AIR PLANE" . I have also taken it from internet and I just wanted to share it with all! Aleena
Jul 30th 2011
Shahamah Dua, can u tell me ur age? Shahamah
Jul 27th 2011
syeda dua I made it!!! why is it hard to belive?????? Syeda Dua
Jul 26th 2011
Pivak Its nt ur drawing... bt nice sharing Pivak
Jul 20th 2011
l So why you wrote 2004. what is your age. L
Jul 18th 2011
syeda dua I made it with shading help Syeda Dua
Jul 18th 2011
syeda dua Diana green is my nick name = green becuz i luv da culr greeen Syeda Dua
Jul 16th 2011
Shahamah I think you have edited a pic on adobe photoshop Shahamah
Jul 16th 2011
Shahamah Impossible to draw it Shahamah
Jul 16th 2011
l It is nice but there is a sign on the picture which says Diana Green.So why did you write Diana Green.and there is also written 2004. L
Jul 15th 2011
subha I don't believe that....! u didn't made that drawing... Subha
Jul 15th 2011
Aleena Yeah i was also trying to prove the same! this drawing is made in 2004!!!!!!!! Aleena
Jul 15th 2011
Aleena WOW!!! is it your new drawing or old one? i mean when did you made it??? Aleena
Jul 15th 2011
Sarah Unless your name is Diana Green, this can't be your sketch. The real artist's name is in the bottom right corner. Sarah
Jul 15th 2011
yamna Did u make that drawing Yamna
Jul 15th 2011
syeda dua Ya sure i made it why????? Syeda Dua
Jul 15th 2011
Farha How sweet Farha
Jul 14th 2011
Aisha Hey did you make this drawing? Aisha
Jul 14th 2011

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