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Ghumaisa Usmani
Ghumaisa Usmani
Beacon House Okara
A “fishy” Conversation
Published On Jul 12th 2011
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July 2011

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Tini:    Hey! Mini I am feeling hungry and they are still sleeping
Mini:    See that man is waking up
Tini:    Yes he is papa of Ghumaisa and khunsa.
Mini:    Look, look they are moving
Tini:    I think they are waking up
Mini:    Hide ….. Hide
Tini:    Hey look at that tall man , he is walking.
Mini:    He is the same who wants to kill us, he is coming towards us.
Tini:    Mini! No he does not kill us rather change our water to make us clean.
Mini:    Yes but the procedure of changing water is very dangerous.
Tini:    I hate when he does that.
Mini:    Oh here he is oh my God ( Groop Groop !Water bubbles sound) help help.
Tini:    Are you ok ? Yes we are ok and feeling fresh and clean.
Mini:    Thank God, but why does he do that every day twice.
Tini:    Oh you do so much dirt.
Mini:    Who! me?
Tini:    No! It is off course you.
Mini:    Oh you eat more than me every time.
Tini:    But after he does that, we feel fresh.
Mini:    Sure we do.
Tini:    Look Mom of kids is waking up.
Mini:    Yes, Yes and look here comes our food.  Yum yum yum yum yum that was tasty.          
Tini:    I am bored of this same food every day.  I am not eating.
Mini:    Me too but still I will eat.
Tini:    Of course you will and that’s why you do so much dirt.
Mini:    No um um um ooo.
Tini:    Look
Mini:    Where? Where?
Tini:    Mom has brought breakfast.
Mini:    I think it is there time to eat
Tini:    Oh they eat different foods every day.  How lucky they are.
Mini:    Yes of course they are and they get the food whenever they want and we have to wait till their Mom gives us.
Tini:    Look! Look! Ghumaisa and Khansa coming.
Mini:     Yes they are going to the bathroom and look they have changed their dress. These two small girls are very cute.
Tini:    They all have gone down stairs and look that sweepers is here again.
Mini:    She comes here every day to clean the room and do dusting. Oh God she blow so much dust Oho Oho Oho aaa Choo!
Tini:    I hate when she come here Aachooo.
Mini:    Hey don’t sneeze at me.
Tini:    Never mind, Mini do you know that some guests are coming I heard it from Ghumaisa’s Mom.
Mini:    Oh my God! Naughty Kids oh! Not again.
Tini:    That is why they all are in hurry.
Mini:    Are not Ghumais khunsa enough for us to play.
Tini:    Well, I wish the guest would be nice to us.
Mini:    I can smell yummi food for the guest.
Tini:    Look! the girls and their Mom are  here again.
Mini:    Khunsa is coming toward us.
Tini:    Help help why she is teasing me? Hey! Khansa go away.
Tini:    Now they have started their studies. Oh it would be silence for 2 hours.
Mini:    I don’t like when they fight.
Tini:    Oh shut up.
Mini:    See these girls are fighting,
Tini:    hey stop this, don’t fight
Mini:    They are fighting over their eraser and pencils
Tini:    Yes
Mini:    Look! Their father is at home.
Tini:    Ghumaisa is still studying where as Khunsa is watching TV.
Mini:    Ghumaisa is a good girl.
Tini:    Look that parrot! Why does he come around our bowl when he is free?
Mini:    Look! Look! That bird is trying to jump in our bowl.
Tini:    Cho Cho shoo shoo get a side you beast!
Mini:    Hey Ghumaisa is coming to help.
Tini:    Yes Yes, you can do it Ghumaisa.
Mini:    Bye bye..... parrot.
Tini:     Thank God. Why they leave their parrot open?Silly girls!
Mini:    Oh Yes Thank you Allah.
Tini:    Mini you see, everyone is getting ready.
Mini:    They are going somewhere.
Tini:    No, Minis did not I tell you.
Mini:    what?
Tini:    hat some guest are coming.
Mini:    Yes!
Tini:    Mini look what a beautiful dress they are wearing.
Mini:    Tini we should also get ready and look the room is also very clean.
Tini:    I think guest are here.
Mini:    I think Khunsa is coming up stairs with some kids.
Tini:    Finally they are here.
Mini:    Tini don’t you think that boy with red shirt look naught.
Tini:    Yes he is touching everything.
Mini:    He is watching us.
Tini:    No no no ……hey stay away  you.
Mini:    He is coming toward us help help Tini Tini he has caught me help.
Tini:    Wait! Wait! Khunsa is coming to help.
Mini:    Help. Help
Tini:    Yes, Khunsa stopped that boy
Mini:    Oh Tini he grabbed me so tight.
Tini:    Look! They are now playing.
Mini:    They are playing with dolls
Tini:    Yes, I like these dolls, they look soft and colorful.
Mini:    Tini these children are very good, they are playing and are happy.
Tini:    Look, there Mom is calling for snacks.
Mini:    Yes, Kids are happy to know about snacks
Tini:    Look they are coming up stairs
Mini:    The guests have gone.
Tini:    Yes
Mini:    Oh Thank God that boy have gone.
Tini:    Oh yes that naught.
Mini:    They have arrived in the room.
Tini:    Now they will sit and talk.
Tini:    Yes their papa daily narrates them a story
Mini:    That’s very nice, it adds up in the knowledge of Ghumaisa and khunsa.
Tini:    Now they are on their beds and will sleep soon.
Mini:    Look papa is again coming to change our water.
Tini:    Oh ….yes…again tough time ……. help.
Mini:    Groop Groob Groop !.(Water bubbles sound)
Tini:    Broop broop groop.! (Water bubbles sound)
Mini:    Oh thanks God , well I think we should also sleep.
Tini:    Yes , I am also tired. Ok Shaba Kher.

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Comments 49
Khadijah I really love it........... Khadijah
Aug 22nd 2013
Marwa I totally agree with all the nice comments . It's really nice and full of efforts Ghumaisa :P<= Marwa
Jul 30th 2013
Laibah You know what, something smells fishy !!!! Laibah
Jul 5th 2013
Soha Congrats.. Soha
Feb 18th 2013
Soha Really "fishy" conversation.P:- Soha
Jan 25th 2013
maria Hi yar how can we send friend request Maria
Jan 24th 2013
Ghumaisa I do remember you duaa.. Ghumaisa
Dec 8th 2012
Junaid Nyc coNvrSatiOn. Any try to more win:) ... Junaid
Nov 14th 2012
Duaa Ghumaisa remember meeee???? Duaa!!!! I have sent u a frnd request. Plz accept it. Duaa
Nov 7th 2012
ahmed Hi Ahmed
Feb 3rd 2012
Rida Nice Rida
Jan 1st 2011
Momina Cute.nice.silly.funny.a mixture of my fave things. oh! and fishes too! Momina
Oct 12th 2011
Laiba Gud!!!!!!!! pLz do add me as a friend............ In which class do u study? 7 ? I think i hav seen u in BSS GMBK1........ dO REPLY on my account!!!!!!!!! Laiba
Oct 5th 2011
Bareera Awesum Bareera
Aug 29th 2011
Ghumaisa Thanks for liking my story. Ghumaisa
Aug 28th 2011
iman Ghumaisa!!! Why are nt u replying?????.......reply me EARLIER! Iman
Aug 26th 2011
Aisha Hello Ghumaisa congrats on being the winner. I am also from Multan but live in Qatar. Can we be friends. Plz accept my friend request... Aisha
Aug 24th 2011
iman Hi Gumaisa, thnx for being my friend!!!!!.....I want to know that in which class u study & in which branch of BEACONHOUSE MULTAN u the junior or the main branch????????????????????.....................plzzzzzzzz do ans earlier. Iman
Aug 23rd 2011
Ghumaisa Oh, thank you Ghumaisa
Aug 22nd 2011
Ghumaisa Oh, thank you all of u you for commenting THANKS! Ghumaisa
Aug 22nd 2011
fatima Do any one know how to remove some one from friends................................plz tell Fatima
Aug 21st 2011
iman A.O.A!!!!...Ghumaisa I just loved ur conversation...its gud....I want to be ur friend so plz add me and plz reply.....why dont u reply????? Iman
Aug 19th 2011
hurriya Very nice story and congratulations Hurriya
Aug 19th 2011
iman G888.....funny and really a fishy coversation....really nyc ...keep it up.....conrattttssssssss......n nothing matter if its long ...its gud...i love it....keep up da gud work!!! Iman
Aug 19th 2011
Urooj Itssss sooooooooo nyc but its toooo long u shoud try to write some short and congrtzzzzzz Urooj
Aug 15th 2011
alina Yuppp I was also thinking that..well I am sorry...=] Alina
Aug 15th 2011
fatima Why look alina we are fighting on a small issue so why dont be friends?????????????????????????????? Fatima
Aug 14th 2011
alina Plz fatima keep your mouth shut........... Alina
Aug 13th 2011
fatima What ever.......................... Fatima
Aug 12th 2011
alina Oh thank you very much for saying me smart well I also want to thank you because you respect and said me ma'am.......... Alina
Aug 12th 2011
fatima Dont be so smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!maam alina Fatima
Aug 11th 2011
alina Excuse me but I can't mind my own business as I don't have any business of course I am too young...Ma'am Fatima!!!!! Alina
Aug 10th 2011
Aug 8th 2011
fatima Mind your own bussiness alina Fatima
Aug 6th 2011
l I like it very much.It is better than the fairy tales.i like the way too .coz no one else has ever sent a story in this way.and congratulations. L
Aug 5th 2011
Abdullah Ummm not bad at all Abdullah
Aug 5th 2011
Salwa A nice conversation i really like it....but it's too long.....:) any ways congratsssssssssssssssssss........ do more hard work.... Salwa
Aug 4th 2011
alina Fatima you hate it because you haven't won in vshine and plz first look what type of articles and poems etc you wrote and then say to anyone else.... Alina
Aug 3rd 2011
shaista Its a really good story Shaista
Aug 3rd 2011
fatima I hate it toooooooooo long. Fatima
Aug 2nd 2011
alina *Gr8*.......good but long.... Alina
Aug 2nd 2011
Umair Congratz Umair
Aug 2nd 2011
sapphire Nice Sapphire
Jul 28th 2011
Saba Gooooooooood Effort Saba
Jul 26th 2011
Aliza nice.but toooooooooo long Aliza
Jul 19th 2011
Aliza Simple silly! nice. Aliza
Jul 19th 2011
Wafa Silly and also a bit funny Wafa
Jul 17th 2011
armeen A really fishy conversation ! Armeen
Jul 17th 2011
Aisha A really cute and a bit funny story. keep it up Aisha
Jul 14th 2011

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