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Sayed Mohammed Jalil Shah
Sayed Mohammed Jalil Shah
Bright Future Pakistani International School
Solar System Facts
Published On Jul 13th 2011
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One day on Venus lasts 5,832 earth hours!
The earth is protected from the suns radiation by magnetic field which stretches 60,000 km out into space
The most powerful rocket ever was the 'Saturn 5' that was sent to the moon
The fastest spinning objects in the universe are neutron stars; these can rotate 500 times in one second!
Every 50 million years the earth is hit by an asteroid measuring over 10 m across
Neptune’s moon "triton" is the coldest place in the solar system, with surface temperature -236C
Temperature of the sun’s surface is 6000C. each cm burns with the brightness of 250,000 candles!
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Comments 3
nazish Exactly!!!!!!!!!!! Nazish
Dec 27th 2013
Sayed Mohammed Honestly speaking.... reading facts and acquiring general knowledge from different books is much more fun than just reading the chapters from school book :) Sayed Mohammed
Dec 26th 2013
nazish I never knew these. Nazish
Dec 26th 2013

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