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L .t
L .t
Sticker At My Back
Published On Jul 12th 2011
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July 2011

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One day when I went to my school, in my class everyone was having a quiet smile at their faces. I don’t know why, the day passed on.
At the recess, everyone was laughing while seeing me. I just smiled back and walked again. This was happening again and again. Everyone was also beating me at my back, even my best friend. I was feeling so embarrassed.
I went back to class after recess. I was not standing in case very one will laugh again. The problem was that why everyone was laughing one me. Periods passed over.
At leaving time everyone was laughing again. I ran to my bus and quickly went to home. You know even my teachers were laughing on me. When I went home my home, I told everything to my mom. She said to me laughing “child it is because there is a sticker on your back saying I am a fool please hit me.”
Oh I felt so bad. Next day my friend told that Anam my best friend, made this plan. I went to her. She just said sorry and I forgave her. This was my worst day ever in my life.

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Comments 170
Zainab Good Zainab
Dec 18th 2017
ayesha Wonderful I must say Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2015
Tooba Nice and is this a real story Tooba
May 20th 2014
princess Congrats u r a winner accept my frnd request plz Princess
Apr 27th 2014
princess Accept my friend request Princess
Apr 24th 2014
Raniah ¡=--.._..-=-._. ¡ ! (* ; ¡=--!._..-=-._; ¡ ¡ . . 14 AUGUST MUBARAK. Happy Independance Day. Raniah
Aug 14th 2013
Raniah Im going pakistan tonight...... ALLAH HAFIZ... :) Raniah
Aug 14th 2013
Raniah :>HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!..... Raniah
Aug 13th 2013
Raniah Ooh... how are you? ... so how was your eid?? Raniah
Aug 12th 2013
l Eid mubarak to you too......may god shower his blessings on you.....and i am not busy..just lazy L
Aug 9th 2013
Raniah EID MUBARAK .......................................... Raniah
Aug 9th 2013
Raniah Helloooo khadija. .. how are you??? and whats going on....... seems you are very busy these days... Raniah
Aug 4th 2013
l My vacations are going great..I didnt touchedmy homework yet.i recieved my homework from S****.I shouldnt write the name).i only did my islamiat question 1 part 1........... L
Jul 18th 2013
Raniah What should i reply ?????? there is no question or anything....hows your vacations going on ???? ..... Raniah
Jul 17th 2013
l Please reply me earlier L
Jul 16th 2013
l Oh yeah raniah i am back.actualy i didnt noticed your comment and ramadan mubarak to u 2....... L
Jul 16th 2013
Raniah Hello khadija . RAMADAN MUBARAK..... how are you?? and where are you????..... Raniah
Jul 12th 2013
Raniah Khadija where r u???? Raniah
Jul 7th 2013
Raniah r u back khadijaa? Raniah
Jul 5th 2013
Raniah Hello khadija , how are you . UMRAH MUBARAK ... and congratulation on scoring 3rd position :) ..... Raniah
Jul 5th 2013
Areeba Great story khadija!!!!!!!! Can u plz plz plz addd me as ur friend!!!!!!!! I've already sent u a request! PLz plz plz accept it!!!!!! Areeba
Jun 7th 2013
Soha Heheheeheehehehehehehehehehe Soha
May 1st 2013
aasiya Hey every1.....!plz snd me frnd requests plz!anyways nyc story khadija! Aasiya
Mar 22nd 2013
l Thanx God u replied......Nothings going on.................. L
Mar 9th 2013
Raniah Hey khadija how are you?and whats going on...... ;) Raniah
Mar 6th 2013
l Ohhhhhhhh.2 Days 4 school to open...:D L
Feb 21st 2013
Syeda Laiba Nice story khadijah and cangratulation Syeda Laiba
Feb 19th 2013
Raniah Oh thats very nice picnicking . ..... im so bored now a days / .. . .. :( . . Raniah
Feb 15th 2013
l I mean including picnicking not except........................... L
Feb 14th 2013
l Alright....I am doing the same things like you except picknicing..We go out almost everyday L
Feb 12th 2013
Raniah Except movies umm .. .studying , cleaning and playing . . . just these things . . . . :) what about you? :) Raniah
Feb 10th 2013
l Watch Arthur Christmas.....I think its cute..... L
Feb 9th 2013
l I watched the trailer right now..I'll Watch it later....(of Open Season)... L
Feb 9th 2013
Raniah Today i watch pirate band of misfits , its really very awesome watch that one and secondly i watch open season it has some parts 1 2 3 part 1 and 2 is very nice but 3rd one is a bit boring . Raniah
Feb 9th 2013
l Very nice Raniah....I loved it very much..The Secone one was impressive...So what's up....Are you doing something else except movies?!?!?!... L
Feb 9th 2013
Raniah Khadija here are some quotes : ''Lambi umeedoon se perhaiz kia karo, kyon k yeh dosri naimtoon ko Tumhari nazar mai haqeer bana deti hain aur tum unki shukar guzari nahi kertay.'' ''Apne dushman ko hazaar mouqay do k woh tumhara dost ban jaye. Lekin... Apne dost ko aik bhi mouqa na do k woh tumhara dushman ban jaye.'' ''Khoobsorati kaproun se nahe ilm o adab se hoti hay'' :) Raniah
Feb 7th 2013
Soha I like your story anyways it happens!! No problem!!!! friends do like this..! Soha
Feb 7th 2013
Raniah Hello khadija .. . how are you? how is everything going on Raniah
Jan 8th 2013
Raniah Khadijaaaaaaaaaa ........... what are you talking................................................ Raniah
Dec 27th 2012
l Raniahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I am talking......... L
Dec 16th 2012
Raniah Khadija u know im so sick after coming from school on thursday (nazla , bukhar) ......... , im so worried about the competition . . .............................................. :( :( :( :( i have done no practice due to that. ......... what should i do???!?!??!? Raniah
Nov 23rd 2012
Emaan Hey Khadija, I just saw Brave a few days before and I simply LOVE it! I couldn't believe how tight Mereda's dress was, could you? :PpP Emaan
Nov 7th 2012
fatimah I always try to play these type of tricks on ma friends but i fail,btw very nice story but embarrassing;) Fatimah
Oct 19th 2012
Emaan Walaikumassalam Khadija :DDD Emaan
Oct 8th 2012
Raniah Hey khadija . . . missing u very much . . . . . :( :( Raniah
Oct 4th 2012
l Hello and Assalamoalaikum to whole whole including Raniah....... L
Oct 3rd 2012
Emaan NOTE: Don't use any personal things or secrets while chatting here on Vshine by comment because people can view them (sorry,I did!) Emaan
Sep 26th 2012
Raniah Khadija r u angry with me . . . . . .? well im sorry , im really sorry if i have hurt ur feelings . . :( . . . Raniah
Sep 23rd 2012
Raniah Hey khadija . . how r u? this weekend was the best weekend . . . we had a lot of fun . . . but now im worried about the tests :l Raniah
Sep 22nd 2012
Raniah Yeah me too . . maza aya tha? Raniah
Sep 14th 2012
l I am home after the party..Well did you ate anything qfter party..I just drink glass of water and nothing.........My stomach was too full... L
Sep 13th 2012
Raniah Yar im bringing pizza ( not from outside my mother's one ) and cold drink . . okay?? anything more so do tell me . . . k? Raniah
Sep 12th 2012
l That Girl.....Real ahhh,.......... L
Sep 11th 2012
Raniah This girl . . . ahhhhh , . . . . Raniah
Sep 10th 2012
Raniah finally school tomorrow . . YAyyyyyyyyyyy . . . khadu y u aren't replying . . . Raniah
Sep 8th 2012
Raniah Ooh . . . after 2 days school is gonna open . . so have u done all home work . . i have done , but i have a lot of problems with question 3 and question 6 of english...... Raniah
Sep 6th 2012
l I am here Raniah......I am good L
Sep 4th 2012
Raniah Helloooo khadija??? ... where r u ? u know after one week school is gonna open i mean BACK TO SCHOOL .... :) . . come on reply soon . .. .:D Raniah
Sep 1st 2012
Raniah Ooh , thanx ... no i dont know bout souq waqif park :) ... how r u? Raniah
Aug 30th 2012
l Sorry Emaan.Late Eid Mubarak........ L
Aug 24th 2012
rohma Eid mubarak to all my frnds Rohma
Aug 22nd 2012
Emaan Heylo Khadija Eid Mubarak Emaan
Aug 21st 2012
l Eid Mubarak to u too.....I have also not done only English and Islamic....U know the theme park near souq waqif?????? L
Aug 20th 2012
Raniah Long time back .... Eid mubarak .... Im here waiting 4 ur reply , hw r u?? Hope so fine .... Have u done ur homework , i have done except english cuz idk where ive 2 do.... Enjoy ur eid ...... Take care .. Allah hafiz ..... :) Raniah
Aug 18th 2012
l Raniah where are you...... L
Aug 16th 2012
l Thats all bcoz of u frendz or I wont get 120 comments,I am proud of myself..and Emaan too.....Emaan U r An awesome frend......And it looks to me that u look talking........... L
Aug 16th 2012
Khadijah Sorry khadija I write it by mistake.You really did watch the movie Dispicable me did you ? I have watched the movie and I liked the last part it is so nice. Khadijah
Aug 15th 2012
Aug 15th 2012
Khadijah You can't make girls to be your friend's their choice. Khadijah
Aug 12th 2012
l I added u alll...... L
Aug 12th 2012
l @Aimen Thanx a lot..And I love the movie also........@Khadija.Well Is the story funny or is that funny that i am the winner@Rohma.Add me AND i CANT UNDERSTAND YOUR QUESTION...... L
Aug 12th 2012
rohma You know what that i am a good girl i am a good girl i am a good girl so how many times i tell you girls that pls take me in friends portion pls pls pls pls pls ps pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls ........................................and i have a question that i always right any story poem articles they cant mention do you have answer that how you are mention aaat my page Rohma
Aug 11th 2012
Khadijah I liked it a lot this is so funny that you are the winner of the story. Khadijah
Aug 6th 2012
Aiman Nice story.........i luv it and khadija ur profile pic is adorable and soooooper cute,luv it Aiman
Aug 6th 2012
l Coz I love shouting...........BTW thanx a very lot Emaan...... L
Aug 3rd 2012
Raniah But u told me it was on '' 30 july '' . . & y r u SHOUTING on me ???? . . . ): . . ): . . :[ . . . :{ . . . . khadija . . i think ur sis ( aisha) love's shoes . . . ??? :) . . and ok i'm '' sorry '' . . . . Raniah
Aug 1st 2012
Emaan Thank you so much Khadija! *hugs and kisses* Emaan
Aug 1st 2012
l For ur b DAY is today......!!!!..!!!!And i am not enjoying so much of my birthday..........And i am not angry i am just lazy enough to sign in.MEANS I see ur commments but i just dont reply ...GOT IT,....1111 L
Jul 31st 2012
Raniah '' i ask some question as well . . . ! :| :| . . . . :) so did u enjoy ur b-day yesterday? . . ? r u angry with me? . ? . . ? Raniah
Jul 31st 2012
l Emaan I Donna know how to thank u 4 all the comment on my things...u r really fantabulous..........@Raniah ...I called and the same....@Emaan again....Plz be ma frnd.. L
Jul 30th 2012
Jul 30th 2012
Raniah Khadija . . khadija . . . yesterday i call saria and she said she was back on 20 july . . . and i told her about the last week fun also . . . which we had in school . . . she was also laughing . . . ! :) y u reply so late . . . ? . . how many homeworks have u done? Raniah
Jul 30th 2012
Emaan *hugs* This is fantabulous! Emaan
Jul 29th 2012
Raniah Khadija . . did u call saria? i call but her sis maybe ( javeria) said that she's out . . . and comment on my 2nd story '' three friends and a bag '' . . . ok . . . . & plz dont say it copied . . . . . Raniah
Jul 29th 2012
Raniah When u wish . . . and its alright :) Raniah
Jul 28th 2012
l Sorry 4 late reply . . . . when should i call u raniah........ L
Jul 27th 2012
Raniah Ooh , maybe only his father came :) sana was saying b4 the 1st fast like that she came bc . . . . , .yes im fine now by the grace of ALLAH . . . . . . :) & can i know ur phone number once again :) . . . . :) . . . . :P . . . .if possible can u call me :) . . . okay . . . :D . . . . Raniah
Jul 25th 2012
l I AM SO SORRY FOR UR SICKNESS.ARE U OK NOW...AND WHEN DID SANA CAME BACK...IS SARIA BACK,I SAW HIS FATHER WHEN I WAS GOING IN HER FLAT...(I was not going to Sarias home.I was going to thier neighbours)..raniah call me i want to ask u something L
Jul 24th 2012
Raniah Khadija . . . u didnt reply 2day ? . . im srry 2 say that im rly srry about what ever i did :) . . . . u know what 2day sana call me and she said she went for umrah i ask her did u pray for me ? she said of coursE :) . . . . i said thanks 4 remembering us in ur prayers :) . . . . Raniah
Jul 23rd 2012
Raniah Khadija . . thanks , u know im sick . . . cough . . ): . . . . ): . . .i have the pic but not the full flag . . . . ): . . . ): Raniah
Jul 21st 2012
l Now u r having a picture.RAMADAN MUBARAK TO YOU TOOOOOOOOOO. L
Jul 21st 2012
Raniah Ooh . . . !!!!!!!!! it came but not the full flag came ); . . . . oh gosh . . . ! Raniah
Jul 20th 2012
Raniah Khadija . . . ): . . . i try to keep a pic but it doesnt work and now i dont have any pic so can u plz once again keep pic of pak :) plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :) it would be so nice of u :) . ... . . RAMADAN MUBARAK Raniah
Jul 20th 2012
l Alright...... L
Jul 18th 2012
Raniah 7 : 00 . . . . waiting . . waiting . . . waiting . . . ahhhh . . . . . no response . . . . what is this . . . .? . . .? call me once again . . . . waiting . . . . waiting . . . . . ( waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) CALL ME TODAY . . . . !!!! Raniah
Jul 18th 2012
Raniah U close the phone ... i dont get ur answer so reply here . . . or again phone me .. ? okay? Raniah
Jul 17th 2012
l Rania i will call u just after 7 00 ok ....... L
Jul 17th 2012
Raniah Khadija . . call me again . . . it was nice talking to u . . ! ok .. ? ok .. . ? Raniah
Jul 17th 2012
Jul 17th 2012
Raniah Oh dear khadija . . . there is no need to say srry . . . as u r also my best frnd . . . yar plz forgive me . . . .its really nice ur cousins r coming (INSHALLAH) . . . hope u will enjoy with them a lot as well . . .( INSHALLAH) . . . & i was really happy when i see that u buy a beautiful shoes . . . it must be awesome like u . . . hehehe :) . . . its really really veryyy NICE :) . . . . so . . . whats going on now a days? . . . . how r u . .? Raniah
Jul 17th 2012
l ok raniah i said sorrryyyyyyy....RaniA..why dont you reply the whole comment like when i told u about mycousins you did not said anything about that...then whenitold you about my shoes..u did not replied that either....soplease just write about them too.REPLY WHOLE COMMENRand i am ur frnd so i wont mind a thing and there is no need to say sorries..and ur story was so good and grammartoo that i cant believe u wrote... L
Jul 16th 2012
Raniah Khadija dont mind . . . . ok? . . . . i mean i got two . .negative . . . comments . . . . . lets see . . next comments . . . :) . . im really sorry . . . if it hurts u what i said . . . . . please . . plz .. plzz . . dont mind .. :) Raniah
Jul 16th 2012
Raniah Nice :) . . . . . um . . . . the story which i wrote on vshineworld . . . . it was my first try . . . . and have negative comments . . . . the 1st person to say was ( U ) . . . . . ): . . . ): . . . . . Raniah
Jul 16th 2012
l Thanx....i have prepared 4 ramadn and eid....and u know today i bought 2 veryyyyyyy beautiful flat shoes which i will wear with jeans ,,,,one is silver nd other blue...... L
Jul 16th 2012
Raniah ... hehehe khadija .. and RAMADAN MUBARAK in advanced .. im preparing for ramadan .. but not for eid yet ..and thanx .. i havent copied my story from anyone but i wrote by my self.. what about u? have u prepare 4 ramadan and EID? and how are you? c(: .. Raniah
Jul 15th 2012
l Did you prepare everythig 4 eid and ramadan.......and i wrote u in a comment that i am talking to my cousins..u know who are they....go to article and there will be article of sidra rauf she is my chacoo daughter....and they will inshallah come in qatar on eid...... L
Jul 14th 2012
l Raniah..Tumhare AAdat nahi badli..Why u always think that when i dont reply i am angry with u.and you can change it by.....................alright i will change..but ask ur mom if she allows u to sumbit ur address.and congratuation on your STORY... L
Jul 14th 2012
Raniah r u angry with mE? and how can i change my pic ..... u dont like 2 be my frnd ? ): , im rly srry !! ;{ and i ask some questions with u that i have wrote blah blah...... can u plz answer ( khubsurat_larki) =) hehehehe :) Raniah
Jul 13th 2012
syeda tahira Its awesome Syeda Tahira
Jul 13th 2012
l Ok i will add 4 U CALL ME L
Jul 7th 2012
Raniah I mean international i by mistake wrote. Reply soon Raniah
Jul 7th 2012
Raniah I have wrote bright future pakistani interbational school karachi instead of writting doha -qatar , how can i change it :P :D hehehehe , ppls would be surprise seeing bright future pakistani school in pakistan and in karachi , hehehe will u help me :P Raniah
Jul 6th 2012
Raniah Oh , nice now a days im so much bored , oh when he went ): .. Wow havin fun , im not having even a bit :/ ):!! Dont say me rano in public places please" hehehe....i wanna add maham shahzad but im shy..... Hehehehe :-/ Raniah
Jul 6th 2012
Jul 5th 2012
Raniah Hehehe i know how much sweet u r ,swEet As A suGar. Yaar , but there are fourth question that we havent done in islamiat , how do u do them , and i did arabic home work too .. Today , its so easy, ... And computer homework is so horrible!!!!!! Ugh it takes hour to find the Ans of question in comp... Do u remember the last weeks fun???????? With some funny girlz ,!! But it realise that kinzaa have some sense!!! Not like her , noN SEnSe.!! Raniah
Jul 4th 2012
Jul 4th 2012
Raniah Yeah i did that , and then i wrote two times my story.... and how i will know that they have posted my story.. hehehe :D , soo.. what do u do usually these days . :) take care! Raniah
Jul 4th 2012
l Rniah i am fine..vacation are going......well.raniah first log in then go to my page then click a star like thing.there it will be written click to add ur page,click and write it and submit can come after a week ar more...and uknow what,,,i did nt started my work becouse i dont have the stationary....first no paper,then not a single pen or pencil,and nothing... L
Jul 3rd 2012
Raniah Please reply soon..! ur picture is so funny . i mean it looks so sweet ( masoom) Raniah
Jul 3rd 2012
Raniah And khadija i wrote many stories and jokes but still they didnt posted and sometime it is always written "create your own screen" and when i click on it , there is written go to mypage and write anystory like that........ And then i always click on it and then i wrote my stories also and i think a week is gonna go but i havent seen my story , jokes , poem ,...... And i always wrote!! Raniah
Jul 3rd 2012
Raniah No khadija , i dont have ur phone number , i only do islamiat homework but not full completed. And can u tell me about vshine i wanna ask you something :). Thanksssssssssss alot for keeping such beautiful picture thank u sooooooo muchhhh.... And how are you? Hows life . How ur vacations are going?? Take care!! :D Raniah
Jul 3rd 2012
l Hey Rania did u started your holidays homework......why dont you call me.....I am also too bored and i didnt started my work yet....... L
Jun 30th 2012
Raniah Yar thank you so much for keeping such beautiful pictures . I wasnt angry . Call me some time im so bored . And thanks alot and you can keep changing the pictures also but only of pak . Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Raniah
Jun 30th 2012
l Raniah What happens to u in leaving time.........why wereu angry L
Jun 28th 2012
Raniah Sure and thanx alot .!!!!! Raniah
Jun 28th 2012
l Thanks ,Hey Rania. I am here and now when you will log in see my comments and write whatever you want.Just change pic if u want L
Jun 27th 2012
Raniah Its awesome.!! i love u .! Raniah
Jun 26th 2012
l Hi ayesha how are you i also live in qatar.......... L
Jun 23rd 2012
Emaan Come on,this funny event was guarenteed winning baby! Emaan
Jun 14th 2012
AISHA I like it! it was so funny! ha! ha! ha! ha! i laughed a lot ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Aisha
Jun 13th 2012
AISHA Hi! i love u khadija! and where u r living in qatar i am also living there..........? but where do u live in qatar eg>doha,mesaieed,or wakra nice to meet u bye *the end* Aisha
Jun 13th 2012
fareeha Khadija iliked it verrrrrry.......much was a good job.....congragulations Fareeha
Apr 5th 2012
Emaan I OMG totallly loved it Khadija! Emaan
Apr 4th 2012
Izza A.O.A! Khadija......................i'll be back at VSHINE...soon......i'm comin' soon................!! keep rockin'...!! nd....nw cm on....ask me anything..i WILL reply .u....nd SORRY a lot dat i didn't rply u in the past...! anything else? yo..!! Izza
Jan 30th 2012
l Thanx Izza Baji...Lifs going well,I am hale and healthy and about my studies,They are going supperb.....What about you...Why are you not sending comments and new stories now a days....And you didnot replied me...I asked you about your sisters you didnot reading your ''about me"It showed that you are EXTRA GENIUS AND SMART..... L
Jan 27th 2012
Izza A.O.A! Dude.....i've answered you on my story...check it out!!!!...nd how is life goin''''???? how are you,,,,,ur stdz too???????????????? Izza
Jan 26th 2012
Oct 7th 2011
Eishaal Nicyyyyyyy Eishaal
Sep 18th 2011
l Please reply soon L
Sep 9th 2011
Laiba Hi khadija. Hope u nd ur sis r fine. I would like to know how u guys manage to hav ur name beautifully as ur profile pic. PLZ do tell me. Laiba
Sep 8th 2011
Mohammmad Gooooooooooooooooodest!!! Mohammmad
Sep 4th 2011
Marium Congratulations Khadija! I really liked ur story too. And I would like to be ur friend! Marium
Aug 26th 2011
Disenchanted. Nice!!!!!!!!!! congrats khadijah Disenchanted.
Aug 25th 2011
Disenchanted. Nice!!!!!!!!!! Disenchanted.
Aug 25th 2011
Ghumaisa Good Ghumaisa
Aug 22nd 2011
Ghumaisa INTERSTING! Ghumaisa
Aug 22nd 2011
l Eisha actually when i send this story after one day it was approved by V shine and i knew that i was the winner because it is written in the home page at the right side. L
Aug 20th 2011
maria Plz see the article in which you questioned, to get the answer! Maria
Aug 20th 2011
eisha Hey listen khadija! wanted to ask you if this story of yours came up on this website a little late??? Please tell me,I'll be waiting for a response.How did you come to know that it was a prize winner??? Eisha
Aug 20th 2011
Salwa Really nicee.....congratss... Salwa
Aug 20th 2011
l Thanks aisha L
Aug 4th 2011
Aug 3rd 2011
l Yes it is.everyone not very one L
Aug 3rd 2011
l ThanKS Shaista L
Aug 3rd 2011
Aisha V shine plz plz plz when will i get my magazine, i was the winner of May 2011 but i still didn't recieve it. Plz send it soon plz plz pz. I am waiting for it from so long time. Aisha
Aug 2nd 2011
l Thank you Maham Aapi and others too. L
Aug 2nd 2011
shaista Your story is amazing and very good i liked it Shaista
Aug 2nd 2011
alina It's nice but there is a mistake on sixth line you have written very one but I think it is every one isn't it????but anyway it's OK because humans make mistakes.... Alina
Aug 2nd 2011
Aisha Congratulations, sister on being the winner. Aisha
Aug 2nd 2011
l Thanks to Maham.Thanks to v shine too for making me winner. L
Aug 2nd 2011
shazma Congratulations Khadija! Shazma
Aug 2nd 2011
Maham Real good.. Maham
Aug 2nd 2011
Shahamah I also used to stick such stickers on my friends' back in school ;) Shahamah
Aug 1st 2011
sapphire :P nice Sapphire
Jul 28th 2011
Aliza Nice try! Aliza
Jul 19th 2011
Wafa It happens with most of us so its ok khadija Wafa
Jul 17th 2011
armeen Nice story! Armeen
Jul 17th 2011
Jul 14th 2011
l Sorry in line seven,it is not one. it is on. L
Jul 14th 2011
Aisha Nice story Khadija Aisha
Jul 14th 2011

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