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Moiz  Hussain
Moiz Hussain
Meezan Academy
Dreams World
Published On Aug 20th 2017
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August 2017

Rank 7 Out of 10
           DREAMS WORLD
Once upon a time, there were two friends, once the name was Naveed and other one’s name was De. Both were best friends. De was a machine, whereas Naveed was a human. Naveed always took help from De by taking gadgets from him. In De’s pocket, there were many gadgets. One day they went to a place which name was “Dreams World” where all dreams can be true. Naveed’s wish was to become the best in the world whereas De’s wish was to eat so many pancakes. They were asking for their wish as pyro explodes. And everything starts dancing. And then suddenly someone abducts Naveed. De was busy in dancing as when the dance finished. De said Naveed let’s go home I don’t think so it’s a safe place and Naveed was not there. De was shocked. Then a call came. De said “Hello” the one who calls him said, your friend Naveed has been kidnapped by us and the only way to get him back is,  you’ve to give your pocket to us. Then De said okay, okay I’ll give you my pocket just don’t do anything to Naveed, tell me your address. He said, our address is, house 55577925#street148457, as well as De, went there someone attacks him from behind as he unconscious. When he opens his eyes he and Naveed were in a cage. And De was not having his pocket with him. De said why you’ve put us here. What wrong we did with you. The man “laugh” and said, it was our plan to bring you both here at Dreams World. Because we knew it you both are having many Dreams and you guys will come here. and you wanna know who was right? We’re the 3 MAAANN BANNDDDD , De laugh of those guys who’re scared of Cats, haha I am a cat now say, De said open the cage or I’ll kill you, 3 man band were so idiot as they open the cage, LEL, and then De said give me my pocket back. Then  3 man band said, wait a minute, since when we started scarring from cats? You betray us stupid cat as De and Naveed start running and then again the 3 man band caught them and put them in the cage. De again asked to tell us what you want from us. 3 man band said, our dream is to kill you and take this Pocket from you because  you both were the guys who kill our boss, whose name billed. De said “WHAT” so this means you know doing fusion? 3 Man and said, oh thanks for reminding as they did “FUUU SIOONN HAAA” and they fuse into one. De said “haha I made you guys fool” now take this “ BIG BANG ATTACK, as well De and Naveed escape from that place and came back home. Naveed said, it was a great adventure, and suddenly his mom said “wake up you’ve to go to school then Naveed said Oh no it was just a dream why always this happen with me whenever something is going well it’s a dream.
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Comments 11
syed Good story your a winner keep it up Syed
Mar 10th 2018
shaheer Yeah i too think the same lol Shaheer
Mar 10th 2018
Zainab %uD83D%uDE0A. Zainab
Feb 8th 2018
Zainab Yes I agree with shiraz.anyways nice story Zainab
Jan 11th 2018
Nisha Wonderful... Winner😊 Nisha
Jan 5th 2018
shiraz Also some techniques from dbz well used in the story Shiraz
Nov 12th 2017
shiraz It's a good story. I think you took inspiration from Doraemon Shiraz
Nov 12th 2017
Sabeen Nice keep it up Sabeen
Aug 31st 2017
Ayesha Nice but it seems as the fiction of this story I have watched or heard before. I don't remember but anyway it's great., Ayesha
Aug 28th 2017
Urooj I love the name Naveed you know why. Btw awesome and excellent ❤💙💜💛 Urooj
Aug 27th 2017
yashfeen Weldone keep it up Yashfeen
Aug 24th 2017

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