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Invention Of Doughnuts
Published On Jul 11th 2011
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One day, Captain Gregory was at the helm of the ship when the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse. Waves began to break over the ship as it pitched and rolled its way through the storms. Captain Gregory had seen many storms before, so he knew he had to grip the wheel firmly and keep the ship in the right direction.
After a while, he began to feel little hungry, so he sent a message below for the cook to bring up some batter cake. When the cook arrived on the bridge with the batter cakes, the storm had become even worse. The Captain could not take his hands off the wheel to hold the batter cakes, so he pushed them, one at a time, over the spokes of the wheel. This kept them handy and whenever the sea seemed to be calm for a second or two, he was able to grab and eat one of the cakes, now with a hole in the middle. According to this legend, Captain Gregory was so pleased with the cake with a hole in the middle, that he ordered the cook to always make them with a hole in the future. The cook found, to his delight, that they seemed even more evenly with a hole in the middle, anyway.
And that is how the doughnuts were invented.
Do you like doughnuts? Do you? Comment and tell us. :)
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Comments 11
raveeha Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raveeha
Mar 28th 2013
l Delicious L
Feb 21st 2013
Ali I like it too...with choco topping Ali
Jan 24th 2013
Emaan Mmmmm Doughnuts... Emaan
Jul 29th 2012
Directioner Forever COOOOOOOOOOOOL........... AWESOME.......... AMZING.... FANTASTIC... Directioner Forever
Oct 21st 2011
l Most of us like doughnuts right ???? L
Jul 13th 2011
armeen way..n yeah i lyk doughnuts! Armeen
Jul 12th 2011
l If you like doughnuts.So like it.I just want to know who like doughnuts. L
Jul 12th 2011
Aisha I love doughnuts especially with chocolate topping. Yum Yum, your article is nice Aisha
Jul 12th 2011
l I also like doughnuts and that why i wrote on it.Why is no body commenting on it. Ashna thank for liking it. L
Jul 12th 2011
Ashna Interesting story/article. And yeah, I LOVE doughnuts. Ashna
Jul 12th 2011

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