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Sakifay Mary Mujohithe
Sakifay Mary Mujohithe
I Am (thankfully To My Parents) Homeschooled
A Loser In Diet
Published On Jul 28th 2017
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June 2017

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Once in the night,
Came a great fright,
To the girl named Gite,
Who was a loser in her diet,
And used to spend her all day in flying kite,
There suddenly came a rough creature in her site,
Very scary and frightening to Gite,
Who kept her heart tight,
And her mouth wide,
With fright,
The rough creature had a very small height,
It opened its lipless mouth in slight,
Making Gite turn very white,
For she thought it would strike,
And take a bite,
Of her young flesh,
Which was neither smooth or fresh,
But she was wrong,
It was also lost in diet,
And had no mite,
Suddenly, she realized, it was herself in the window’s mirror in her room in the dark night
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Comments 25
Sakifay Mary Thanks admin!! I got the gift Sakifay Mary
Feb 14th 2018
Zainab Congratulations this poem is marvelous. Zainab
Jan 29th 2018
Sakifay Mary Please answer Sakifay Mary
Jan 28th 2018
Sakifay Mary Admin when will I get my gift? Sakifay Mary
Dec 2nd 2017
Sakifay Mary Wow! I feel the balloon of excitement rising in my heart, I can't believe my eyes! Thanx all, my friends! Sakifay Mary
Nov 30th 2017
Yaseera Congrats Yaseera
Nov 25th 2017
yashfeen Congratulations Yashfeen
Nov 22nd 2017
Aiza Congrats Sakifay!!! Aiza
Nov 22nd 2017
Sakifay Mary Thank you both! Sakifay Mary
Nov 19th 2017
Berha Gr8 Berha
Nov 17th 2017
Anchloria Just gr8! Anchloria
Oct 6th 2017
Fatima @Admin why is Vshine so slow!!! None of my story peom or joke have been published! Sometimea my stuff publishes in two days and some times I have to write it again at least 4 times and then it get published Fatima
Aug 23rd 2017
sajahir Fabulous poem Sajahir
Aug 18th 2017
sajahir Fabulous poem Sajahir
Aug 18th 2017
Maheen Good one. Maheen
Aug 14th 2017
Fatima Welcome sakifay Fatima
Aug 14th 2017
Aiza Wonderful I like it Aiza
Aug 13th 2017
Urooj Awesome and excellent😊 Urooj
Aug 13th 2017
azka Very good Azka
Aug 13th 2017
Sakifay Mary Thnx Sakifay Mary
Aug 10th 2017
Yaseera Nice Yaseera
Aug 9th 2017
Sabeen Awesome poem Sabeen
Aug 9th 2017
Sakifay Mary Thnx Yash ans Ftma Sakifay Mary
Aug 9th 2017
Fatima Great peom Fatima
Aug 8th 2017
yashfeen Totes soon awesome and kind a funny keep it up. Yashfeen
Aug 7th 2017

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