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Ibrahim Johar Farooqi
Ibrahim Johar Farooqi
The City School, Paf Chapter, Karachi
What Is The Future Of Modern Cars
Published On Jul 24th 2017
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August 2017

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What is the future of modern cars?
   Some people think that the future of modern cars is too far from us. I personally don’t agree with that is right. Instead, I think it is right in front of us. It’s just for people to recognize it. If we just concentrate real closely the normal cars that we use today are 20% of futuristic cars.  Every day humanity is getting advanced in every field of life, just as the automobile industries. Not with just the help of scientists but even the normal day person can come up with brilliant ideas which could prove to be a game changer in the field of technology since God (ALLAH) has blessed human beings to think or can do something special in certain fields of life. So, what is this future of modern day cars in front of us?
One of the futuristic technologies these days is the HYBRID technology which soon appears to overcome conventional technology which others might not have thought about it that it would be possible at some stage of life and time. Hybrid technology used in a car is that in which the car automatically decides whether to run on petrol/gas or on an electric battery. And this technology has already taken over some sports cars like the McLaren P1 which is totally hybrid. Another new technology is gesture control which allows you to do a gesture over it to control different commands. Also, now your car can be connected to Google and can be tracked through by satellite. One of the latest technologies is the self-drive mode in which the driver can get out of the car and move it or park it with the push of a button on the key fob.
  Hence with so much technology at our disposal do some people still think that the future of modern cars is still far. I urge you to think about it again if you any doubts in your mind.
                                                                                               Ibrahim Johar
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