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Ashna Ahmed
Ashna Ahmed
Published On Jul 11th 2011
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For many people reading is a way of escaping into their own world, a way to get away from all the noise and stress, away from quarrels and confusion. However for many people reading is something that has to be done in order to get on with daily life. They find reading boring and would do anything to escape unnecessary reading. But personally, I find reading relaxing. I find that reading helps my mind wander from reality. It allows my mind to create a setting of my own choosing. It allows my body and soul to escape into a world of excitement and perfection. Nothing in my world is out of place. Everything is how it is meant to be.
Reading a book of your own liking can help relieve stress. You might enjoy a book that gives you the shivers. A book wraps a misty hand around your heart, freezing you with terror. You might enjoy a book that sends thrills through you. A book that makes you feel alive and adventurous. You might like a book that leaves you hanging in the air with suspense. A book that gives you a sense of mystery. Or you might like a sad book that leaves you depressed. A book that gives you an insight of the lives of unfortunate people. Nevertheless, any book can give you the effect that you want when you read; to escape into your made-up world.
So remember, when you feel like relaxing, or feel like escaping the chaos around you, get out a good book of your liking and read. You’ll find yourself so into the book that it will feel as though you are part of the book. That is the magic of book. It lure you into so much that you forget about the world around you and only aware of the world of fantasy that has been created by none other but you.
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Comments 9
ayesha n, Ayesha
Mar 26th 2012
Azka Same here Azka
Sep 12th 2011
Saniya Nice article. Another thing is when you read a book you're imagination gets stronger and while reading you feel like you're in the book. Saniya
Aug 2nd 2011
Ashna @Aisha, the picture is of a Tasmanian devil:) Ashna
Jul 22nd 2011
Aisha Ashna are you a Pakistani, your picture is really scary Aisha
Jul 15th 2011
armeen True!! Armeen
Jul 12th 2011
armeen True!! Armeen
Jul 12th 2011
Ashna Thanx Aisha:) I am from Australia. Ashna
Jul 12th 2011
Aisha Nice article. Ashna from where you are(which country) Aisha
Jul 11th 2011

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