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Hamza  Ali
Hamza Ali
Shaheen Public School
The Secret Of Success
Published On Jul 11th 2011
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I looked upon my watch late,
Praying that the time would wait
It told me that it was 4,
and I wondered about my tomorrow`s score.
The war that I will fight tomorrow,
And it will end up my sorrow
I thought about my teacher and my class,
How I broke their trust like a glass.
I cried, you should do something Hamza Ali,
I felt myself a confused fielder at Gully
I closed my chemistry book,
After taking the last look
Then I wondered about my Chemistry Quiz,
Then I wished about a miracle that would twist
The result of my tiring competition,
And advance of brain`s computation
I studied almost 6000 MCQs,
Still I feared about dreadful news
My team I know wouldn’t cooperate
Making me more suspicious about my fate
Then I heard a Sam`s song,
About till 4 or maybe long
It said that u are natural ore
but it`s so hard to see
May be just because
They keep a little vie.
Then I put myself together and prayed to GOD,
Who was our only Lord
Then I stood and dressed up,
And I was totally spirited up
I marched towards my school,
Feeling rather cool
When I entered the gate, I was a new man,
Like someone you just say yes I can
The quiz started within after a few time
I think it was almost 9
I surprised everyone with my performance,
And indeed we won due to my brilliance.
My class teacher and other were surprised,
That how can I, can Hamza Ali so quickly rise?
The trophy that now IX-C has is its sign,
You can do anything by the help of divine
So remember my friends you can do everything,
Just remember a little thing
Whether it`s study or play,
The success only lies
To those who are confident and see
And thus this is the secret of victories of IX-C
I wish I would be free

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Comments 3
aamna Nice poem Aamna
Sep 17th 2011
Shahamah Hmmmm..this looooooooooong story is really very nice Shahamah
Jul 18th 2011
Urooj Nyccccccc!!!!!!!!!!and is a true story or????????? Urooj
Jul 13th 2011

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