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Berha Irfan
Berha Irfan
F.d.c Risalpur
Disturbances (iii)
Published On Jul 7th 2017
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Dad froze there for a minute or two not thinking what to say. I told him the plan that we could sneak out and somehow attract them to the world largest and strongest neodymium magnet (also called Neo magnet) which is in Kraze Science Museum (BTW it is Kraze and not Craze I thought it would look cooler and more touristy). "You are never going out there, young lady" My dad called me. I was super angry, sad, depressed, mad I didn't know what to do. I just sat on the bean bag in my room and started thinking "Maybe Dad's right, this isn't a story where you can creep out at night by getting all the thing like a rope torch and stuff. That's too unrealistic, this reality, I have to get my mind off this. I ain't Wonder Woman or anything. "I'm just plain old me!" I silently shout to myself, then I start hearing voices in my head telling me that I'm not just me, I'm me and much more than that. I look at myself and see my Mum standing there. She gave me a pep talk, I felt really better. Still, I wanted to go, my Mum won't allow me, certainly, my dad won't too. Probably I was destined for great things, perhaps it's in my blood. Why do I have this rush of adrenaline, my hearts racing my sweats building but I'm not nervous, I'm excited! I'm going! Goodbye small town of Westville. I'm going to Dandelion! I kept all my fillings with me. I need a shield, I know my magnets! They are really strong. When my Dad worked at the Kraze Idea Lab they gave him one of the fails. Fails weren't that strong but believe me they were still strong and super! I didn't go at night, I'd be crazy, I went at the break of dawn. Collecting stuff I needed. I quietly crept down. Now to get past them, as you can see Marvel (it's a huge movie company) wanted a suit made out of magnets for Magneto to put in his clothes so he could attract metal. My Dad was asked to make a whole suit he did it but then they said they only need a few rings after realising how strong the magnet was. My Dad asked if he could keep the suit, and my Dad thought Magneto was a girl!!! So it fitted me perfectly! How cool is that! ok just go through them, they won't even touch you! Take deep breaths. I just ran and ran till I couldn't run anymore. I stopped for a breath, but I knew I wasn't safe. I saw a cave, I ran to it and put my iron fillings around it. Thank goodness, now for some rest. Did you guys like it??? Hopefully, you loved it!! I would appreciate your ideas. I merged a bit of Fajr Omar's idea. So that part goes to her, Thanks, Fajr! Though I didn't use Aden's idea, she gave me a new one. Thank you, Aden. And Reza I love your ideas but I couldn't use them cause I want to do something else. Very sorry but still thank you.
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Comments 9
Irza Thats ok Berha ;) Irza
Jan 11th 2018
Berha I meant to say Irza not Reza Berha
Nov 9th 2017
Irza Really good. You've used lots of science Lol☺ Irza
Aug 23rd 2017
Maheen Check my page Thank you Maheen
Aug 4th 2017
Maheen Great Maheen
Aug 4th 2017
Urooj Check my page 🕳🕳 Urooj
Jul 31st 2017
Urooj Really good check my joke section there will be a riddle Urooj
Jul 7th 2017
Sabeen Nice story Berha :) Sabeen
Jul 7th 2017
Fatima @Behra u r not publishing Mad Molly Fatima
Jul 7th 2017

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