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Aliza   Aamir
Aliza Aamir
The City School
The Winged Statue
Published On Jun 8th 2017
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"We will be back after 2 weeks until then you hold the responsibility of our house and also our children . PLUS  PLEASE KINDLY DO NOT MISPLACE ANYTHING WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION! all of the necessary stuff is already stocked in cupboards, drawers and in the attic. in the case of any .....any problem please call us, here is my other number and..."
"It's okay Mrs Jones, everything would be fine. I am a trained caretaker of young children, you  go and enjoy your vacation, and leave everything to me!" Ashley said as she bid Mr and Mrs Jones goodbye.
Ashley slowly exhaled and went inside the mansion like she admired the elegance of its interior, she made her way toward the kid's bedroom, where two young boys were playing monopoly. she slowly bent forward, this made the boys turn their heads, Ashley smiled at them. in few minutes they were all playing,  the day went great for Ashley. both of the kids were really well mannered and sweet.
Slowly the sun sank and the illuminating full moon emerged into the sky, After serving them dinner, Ashley took them to their room and tucked them into their beds. she turned off the lights and sat on one of the small stools present inside the room.when the kids were fast asleep, Ashley stood up and went in their parent's room.she thought that to pass her time she might turn on the T.V. and the only TV in the house was in their parent's room. as she went inside she noticed that the window was open. she stepped forward and closed the window while not forgetting to draw its curtains.and stepped outside the room to check the doors and windows. surprisingly all of the windows in the house were open,
She distinctly remembered closing them. she worriedly closed them and walked inside the parent's bedroom and turned on the lights. the thing that stood before her startled her. it was a bizarre sculpture made from Plasticine, every detail screamed about the artistic sense of the one who sculpted it. it was a statue of a lady with wings and arms wide open. since Ashley had seen many expensive collections in the house she thought that maybe it is also one of their master collections. but this statue was giving her chills and even in winters, she felt herself sweating. she went outside and called Mrs Jones.
" hello? Mrs Jones here?" Ashley asked.
"hello... no, she is outside on the patio,  I am Mr Jones, are you Ashley? the child caretaker whom we hired? if yes... then is everything okay?" Mr Jones responded worriedly.
" Everything is fine, kids are asleep, I just called to ask, can I please place that fairy-ish-angel like sculpture outside? it is creeping me out."Ashley said trying her best to sound calm.
No answer came from the other side...
"hello?...are you okay?" Ashley said slowly, her voice echoed in the big mansion.
Mr Jones slowly responded:    "Get the kids and escape from the backdoor, run and don't look behind, somehow just escape from their.................................... we do not own a face ( a mythical winged evil creature) sculpture, I am on my way and also the cops."
the phone line changed. no response came from Ashley.....
Within 15 minutes the cops arrived and busted inside the house.along with Mr and Mrs Jones.
 the only thing that was found was the 3 dead blood-covered bodies of the caretaker and the children.
As for the winged statue ............. nobody ever found it.
Beware! NEVER ever forget to lock your windows at night.
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Comments 44
hafsa I think all the Naveed's like emojis, because Urooj Naveed and Tooba Naveed (LOL) .never mind though! Hafsa
Dec 24th 2017
hafsa I bet it is in parts, but when I read it, it was amazing!! Sorry @ fatimast Hafsa
Dec 23rd 2017
Zainab Marvelous..super Zainab
Dec 11th 2017
Fatima U bet my story poppy and the crystal what? Fatima
Aug 18th 2017
sajahir Great spooky story aliza Sajahir
Aug 8th 2017
Urooj Tooba from when do u like emojis . 😷 Urooj
Jul 31st 2017
hafsa I hate stories that are in parts so I bet that your story poppy and the crystal Hafsa
Jul 29th 2017
Tooba My name is tooba and i want to be your friend plz😢😢😢😢😢😢😐😐😐😐😊😊☺☺☺😅😅 Don't mind but i love emojies and friend .iguess you all are busy.BTW accept my request aliza. Superb stor i love it very very very much Tooba
Jul 26th 2017
Tooba Good but please accept my request 😢 Tooba
Jul 26th 2017
Sabeen Aliza please accept my request too Sabeen
Jul 25th 2017
Tooba Aliza accept my request. 😦😦😦 Tooba
Jul 24th 2017
Aliza  @ayan (notices that my bro made an account) i am hunting lions! Aliza
Jul 14th 2017
M. Ayan Hey sis watcha doin'? M. Ayan
Jul 13th 2017
Urooj Aliza please read my comment on matilda 🤔🍎 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
Urooj Really nice😊 Urooj
Jul 10th 2017
Maheen A criterion for selecting winners in My Page depends on different things. Rank or stars are important for a winner. But if any stuff wasn’t given many stars, still it is likely to be chosen as winning stuff and then rank or stars would be increased. Age and grade level is also considered while selecting their stuff so an average stuff by a member studying in lower grade could be preferred over a good stuff by a member in a higher grade. Likes and comments are not much considered for selecting winners but comments are read on the stuff if someone has mentioned any flaws like plagiarism etc. Copied stuff of someone else is removed from My Page. Drawings made with the hand are preferred but hard work in MS paint is also considered. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not considered while selecting winners. However, mostly all the stuff is checked for mistakes when publishing on the website. Admin Jul 8th 2017 Maheen
Jul 9th 2017
Maheen Berha vshine had answered my question on an another poem . I am going to post that comment here also so if you have the same question about the criteria you can see it here . Maheen
Jul 9th 2017
Maheen Hmm okay and thank you berha .☺ Maheen
Jul 6th 2017
Berha No idea Maheen... I have literally no idea! I was a winner on Emma's Baking Disaster u can check it if you find anything in common with other winners then probably or you could ask vshine yourself by searching contact us vshine then u can ask them... Berha
Jul 5th 2017
Sarah Aliza, can you please tell me how to find your blog. I know the admin won't let you post the link. But how do I find it then?? Sarah
Jul 4th 2017
Maheen Please someone tell me what is tge criteria that the admin follows to declare a poem or story winner . I mean is it the number of people who viwed it or something else please someone guide me. Maheen
Jul 2nd 2017
Maheen Awesome .🤗👌 Maheen
Jul 2nd 2017
Fatima Hey everyone! Read my story Poppy and the crytal Fatima
Jun 29th 2017
Zainab Superbly SMASHING Zainab
Jun 26th 2017
Anchloria A thrill story, that's it! Anchloria
Jun 22nd 2017
Fatima But I tried to open my accpunt and they said there is an issue with my account. So I couldn't use it anymore Fatima
Jun 22nd 2017
Fatima You can make your story like a novel. You can add pictures in your story. Make a front cover. And make a back cover. After you sumbit it. It will be in the library. I was having very much fun making my story but Fatima
Jun 22nd 2017
Fatima Well Aliza in your drawing bitter truths about reality you asked for websites to sumbit stories. I told you bout You asked is it safe. I didn't visited that drawing so I couldn't reply and that site is very gopd Fatima
Jun 22nd 2017
Sabeen Sure Fatima Sabeen
Jun 18th 2017
Irza WOW! awesome story. that was really good Irza
Jun 18th 2017
Fatima Sabeen May I be your friend? Fatima
Jun 17th 2017
Fatima @Abul ali can you write scaru stories! Then why don't you sumbit one?? Huh? Lets see scary will your story be Fatima
Jun 15th 2017
yashfeen So scary Yashfeen
Jun 15th 2017
Aliza  @abdul ali well i can't submit original ones... u know admin wouldn't publish 'em.. so can u do better? Aliza
Jun 15th 2017
Sabeen Awesome story Sabeen
Jun 15th 2017
Jun 14th 2017
Fatima Well yes but it was a clown statue I was reading urban legends with my sister when we read this one Fatima
Jun 13th 2017
Berha Gave me the chills.. Berha
Jun 11th 2017
Berha Gave me the chills.. Berha
Jun 11th 2017
Aliza  @fatima wait there is an urban legend about it? lol i didn't knew.. Aliza
Jun 10th 2017
Fatima Well it is a urban legend about a joker when the babysitter called the parents to place the clown somewhere else the parents said that the children told them about a crop anyways nice Fatima
Jun 9th 2017
Ayesha Good Aliza! Nice vocabulary! Ayesha
Jun 9th 2017
Aliza  Hey every one note out in the 4th last paragraph its written face... correction here its fae not face.. fae is a mythical evil creature Aliza
Jun 9th 2017
Aiza Good 1 Aliza Aiza
Jun 8th 2017

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