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Ayesha Faisal
Ayesha Faisal
Lahore Grammar School
Published On Jun 8th 2017
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August 2017

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On a cold night I woke up due to the thumping sound. I tried to find from where the source of sound was coming, when I heard utensils falling down in the kitchen. I remembered my mother's words," Never go into the kitchen. That place is haunted."  My mother was one of those who believes in the supernatural. But I didn't, and I didn't pay attention to her words. I went inside the kitchen, turned on the light, and to my horror, there was this woman standing near the sink. She turned towards me and she had a purple hat like a witch. She had wrinkles on her face, and she had one green eye which looked really weird. She had a dark blue dress with red stains on them and white gloves which were stinking. I didn't like the look of it, and wanted to run back, but before I could do this, my eyes caught a look outside the window. There, was a space ship, and two more woman which were actually an alien  just like the one I had seen. I didn't move, I froze.  Chills were running down my cold spine. The alien laughed, and tied me up outside to a tree, while the other aliens were standing near me to make sure I don't run away. I screamed for help, but even a word didn't came out of mouth. I was frightened. I then took the courage and shouted," What on the Earth are you doing in my house! What do you want from me! What have I done! Why have you tied me!" But they didn't even look towards me. I hopelessly  thought I was gonna die. One of the aliens sat on a broom, and to my surprise, it changed into a flying carpet! Then those aliens sat in there space ship, and it disappeared like a shooting star. But I was still tied there, and I shouted,"help!help!" But no response. Everyone was sleeping, which meant I had to spend a night there. But I didn't wanted to spend time on a cold night because I didn't had my coat on. I thought I was gonna die. I again screamed," Help! Brother help! Mother father help!" And someone opened the door and I saw my brother. He asked," What are you doing here on a cold night? And why are you tied up? What happened?" I said," Don't keep standing there! First untie me! ". He went near to me and untied me. I told," I will tell you my adventure in the morning." Next morning my brother woke up and said,"Hey! You little brat! You were gonna tell your story! Now get up and tell me!" I said in a sleepy voice," Alright, you don't need to be rude." I got up and made a cup of tea, and sat on my chair with my family. I told them the adventure." Oh! You little brat! I thought you we're gonna cry like a baby." My brother said." Wow, you were brave! You lived! That's amazing!" Said my parents, especially my father, who was really into adventures.
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Comments 19
yashfeen Congrats🎆🎇🎇🎉🎊🎊 Yashfeen
Mar 24th 2018
Yaseera I still didn't got my first yet :( 😣 Yaseera
Feb 21st 2018
Ayesha OMG I recieved my gift today! It was FANTABULOUS to me! Although I could buy these things from anywhere, these are my reward. I recieved crayons, pack of pencils, mathematical geometry set, colors, highlighter and a letter with all the you win and blah blah blah stuff. I am soooo happy!! :) Ayesha
Feb 7th 2018
Zainab Awesome story. congratulations. Zainab
Jan 6th 2018
Ayesha Thanks Yaseera and Fatima! What matters most to me is about age. Class does not matter. Anyways I'm also in grade 4. I did start school early at age of 3 but then I went out of country in Canada and studied class 1 and class 2 there. Well I didn't finish class 2 whole so I when I came back to Pakistan I had to start again from class 2 that's why I'm in grade four, or else I would have been on 5 class. Anyways thanks once again and it doesn't matter about age or class, it matters that the friend is having most qualities equal to you, anyways it's not a problem! Ayesha
Jan 5th 2018
Fatima Congrats Ayesha! And what happens if you sfudy in class 4? Maybe you started school while you were 4? I am also 10 and it doesn't matters if you are small or big Fatima
Jan 2nd 2018
Ayesha Yay! I'm a winner of August 2017! *pant*pant* Ayesha
Dec 30th 2017
Yaseera Ayesha congrats my friend I knew you would be a winner and i am also in class 4 for some reason and i am also 10 years old and i am also a bit young guys sorry anyways ayesha congratulations Yaseera
Dec 30th 2017
Urooj Check my poem Allah is one hope you will like my poem. Urooj
Jul 6th 2017
Ayesha Thanks Aiza! Ayesha
Jun 30th 2017
Aiza No need to say sorry Ayesha,I am 12 years old.You write really great stories for your age Aiza
Jun 25th 2017
Ayesha Thank you everyone and Aiza I read in class 4. Sorry if I am a bit young... I am 10 years old.. Ayesha
Jun 21st 2017
Aiza Nice one Ayesha, you have great vocabulary ,in which class do you read. Aiza
Jun 19th 2017
Sabeen Nice story Sabeen
Jun 18th 2017
Fiza You know what I love adventuresults things. Fiza
Jun 15th 2017
Abdul Ali OOOHH Abdul Ali
Jun 14th 2017
Ayesha Oh thank you Yashfeen! Ayesha
Jun 10th 2017
yashfeen Sorry I meant Ayesha not Aliza Yashfeen
Jun 9th 2017
yashfeen Great Aliza Yashfeen
Jun 9th 2017

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