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Maheen Ishtiaq
Maheen Ishtiaq
Divisional Public School And College Faisalabad
Science I Love You
Published On May 15th 2017
Total Comments : 74
Total Views :  765
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June 2017

Rank 9 Out of 10
Science I love you
So that I can know
What is true
Science I love you
You tell me about the planets orbitting the Sun
Some have many moons and some have few
Science I love you
Why do the cows moo?
And the cats mew?
Its all in you
Science I love you
Biology, chemistry and physics
They seem to people like diseases
That we grew
But science I love you
People dont like you
Because you are tough
But still..............
Science I love you.
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Comments 74
Maheen Thanks dear. Maheen
Dec 30th 2017
Ayeza Congratulations api Ayeza
Dec 24th 2017
Maheen I have got my prize today. Thanks V. Shine. Maheen
Dec 23rd 2017
Maheen No. Not till yet. Maheen
Dec 18th 2017
Ahmed Did you get the gift Ahmed
Dec 17th 2017
Maheen No dear I have not got my gift yet. Maheen
Dec 12th 2017
Aiza Oh thanks did you get your gift? Aiza
Dec 11th 2017
Maheen Oh good Aiza . Congratulations. 😊❤ Maheen
Dec 9th 2017
Aiza I had not gotten it that day I wrote this comment but today I got it. Aiza
Dec 8th 2017
Maheen Aiza ap ka to pichly maheeny ka tha.abhi tak nhn mila kia ? Ap ny unhen call ki ? Men b soch rhi hoon karoon . Maheen
Dec 5th 2017
Aiza Deliver my gift too admin Aiza
Dec 5th 2017
Zainab Nice Zainab
Dec 4th 2017
Maheen Admin plz deliver my prize. Maheen
Dec 2nd 2017
Maheen Admin plz deliver my prize. Maheen
Dec 2nd 2017
Yaseera Welcome Yaseera
Nov 28th 2017
Maheen Thank you Yaseera, my one of the best friends. 😙 Maheen
Nov 26th 2017
Yaseera Congrats Maheen i knew this would be the winner when i saw your name in the winner category i was so happy and you deserve to be the winner Yaseera
Nov 25th 2017
Maheen Thank you .😊😘😘❤❤ Maheen
Nov 23rd 2017
yashfeen Congratulations dear you are a winner.I am so happy for you.You deserves it. Yashfeen
Nov 22nd 2017
Aiza Congrats Maheen for being the winner Aiza
Nov 22nd 2017
Urooj Oo wow thats gr8 Urooj
Nov 6th 2017
Maheen Yes Urooj Saad is my brother. Maheen
Oct 30th 2017
Urooj And yess Maheen @admin hamesha ap log aisy hi krty hu😠😡 Urooj
Oct 28th 2017
Urooj Maheen Saaad is your Brother?😲 Urooj
Oct 28th 2017
Maheen Mujhy buht ghussa hy admin py ap jo criterion bhejty ho us k mutabiq b to chalo 2016 ki posts May 2017 k winners men daal di hn this is not fair at all.😡😡😑😑 Maheen
Oct 1st 2017
Yaseera It is okay Maheen Yaseera
Sep 16th 2017
Maheen Thanks dear. 😘 Maheen
Sep 15th 2017
Fatima What a great poem,by the way I also love science. Fatima
Sep 15th 2017
Maheen Sorry I commented from my brother's phone ( Saad's phone ). Maheen
Sep 15th 2017
saad Thanks dear ❤❤ Saad
Sep 14th 2017
Yaseera Maheen your poem is in the Augest 2017 issue congratulations Yaseera
Sep 12th 2017
yashfeen Your welcome Maheen Yashfeen
Aug 26th 2017
Yaseera Check my screen In about me Maheen Yaseera
Aug 24th 2017
Maheen Thank you sooo much Urooj and Yaseera. 😙 And thank you soo much Yashfeen dear for writing me your best friend too. 😙😙 Maheen
Aug 22nd 2017
Aliza  Hey maheen sorry for the late reply, my google plus name is Aliza studio Aliza
Aug 21st 2017
Yaseera Wow it has to be a winner i love all your stuff Maheen you are my Best friend Yaseera
Aug 20th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Maheen for writing my name as your best friend. You are also my best friend. Check my screen too and read about me. Yashfeen
Aug 14th 2017
Urooj Wow Ma SHA ALLAH Maheen buhuut Mubrak hu ap ky result pr bhuut khushi hui. And thank u soo much for writing me as your best friend 😘😘😘😘 Urooj
Aug 13th 2017
Maheen 😙😙😙 Maheen
Aug 12th 2017
Aiza Oh I read your screen thank you so much for writing me as your best friend in about me. You r also my best friend.😃😄😊😄 Aiza
Aug 12th 2017
Maheen Thank you 😙😙 Maheen
Aug 10th 2017
Maheen Thank you yashfeen 😙😙😙 Maheen
Aug 9th 2017
yashfeen Maheen your poem had been published in the August 2017 magazine. Yashfeen
Aug 7th 2017
Maheen Aur agar ap mery pre 9th ka result pooch rhi ho to haan wo aa gya hy meri class men 2nd position thi Alhamdulillah.😊😊 Maheen
Aug 7th 2017
Maheen Agar ap 9 class ka result pooch rhi hn to nhn men is saal 9 men hui hoon is lye mery abhi papers nhn huye Maheen
Aug 7th 2017
Urooj Maheen ap ka result tu aa gia hoga ? Kesa tha result? Hope so Excellent. Urooj
Aug 5th 2017
Maheen 😊😊😊 Maheen
Aug 5th 2017
Urooj Hahah Maheen😅 Urooj
Aug 4th 2017
Maheen Nisha kia ap aj kal haalim parh rhi ho ? Wo b buht acha hy you will really love it . Maheen
Aug 4th 2017
Maheen 😊😊😊 Maheen
Aug 3rd 2017
Maheen Wow itni similarity 😂😂 Maheen
Aug 3rd 2017
Nisha Great Maheen... I also love to read novels... My favorite novel peer e kamil and jannat k pattey... And others... Nisha
Aug 2nd 2017
Maheen Acha mery lye to bas wo 50 50 hy 😂😂 Maheen
Aug 2nd 2017
Urooj I like Urdu maheen😊😛😜 Urooj
Jul 31st 2017
Maheen Thanks 😙 Maheen
Jul 31st 2017
Anna Amazing poem Maheen. Science is my favorite subject. Anna
Jul 30th 2017
Aiza You look like really nice girl. Aiza
Jul 29th 2017
Maheen Please ap log meri poem py like b karo . Thank you Maheen
Jul 16th 2017
Maheen Please dont just comment hit like button also . Maheen
Jul 15th 2017
Maheen Thank you dear 😚 Maheen
Jul 14th 2017
Safa Excellent i love it too Safa
Jul 13th 2017
Maheen @ Urooj which subject do you like then ? Maheen
Jul 13th 2017
Maheen Thank you very much 😚 Maheen
Jul 13th 2017
laiba Cool poem ! i m a science lover too! Laiba
Jul 12th 2017
Urooj Good Maheen but I dont like science😑 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
Maheen Thanks. Maheen
Jun 24th 2017
Fatima Really nice and Science in my favorite subjest Fatima
Jun 20th 2017
yashfeen Marvellous BTW I love science too Yashfeen
Jun 17th 2017
Maheen Thank you so much .😊 Maheen
Jun 4th 2017
Berha Thumbs up! Berha
Jun 3rd 2017
Aiza Welcome maheen Aiza
Jun 3rd 2017
Wania Good Wania
Jun 1st 2017
Maheen Thank you Aiza . Maheen
May 29th 2017
Aiza Nice one Maheen Aiza
May 18th 2017

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