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Aliza   Aamir
Aliza Aamir
The City School
Personal Creepy Experience
Published On May 16th 2017
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Sometimes when you are exposed to reading too much horror stuff and macabre fiction and non-fiction, you end up having a personal creepy experience. Well mine one does not include being chased by draculas or ghosts (sarcasm intended). if you guys have any logical reason on why did it happened please tell me in the comments below.
I guess it happened a few months back... maybe 2016? Anyways few months back i found myself in habit of searching about creepy and mysterious stuff going around in the world in real life. such as Bermuda triangle, Denver international airport and etc etc. on that day i was searching about Denver international airport, for those who do not know about it, let me give a short intro about it, it’s also known as devils airport because all of the weird surroundings and also it’s a weird fact but most accidents, hijacking and other ominous stuff happened there. Not to forget its really strange looking stallion statue , for more info you may search it.
so on that day i was searching it on Google. Many tabs were open at that time , maybe 4 to 5. On that time i was having a bit of problem with my internet, it would seldom stop connecting. while i was opening various websites my mom asked me to go and maintain my closet cause she was sick of maintaining it every week. i asked her for a minute and decided to copy the whole text on wordpad so if i came back after maintaining my closet and found that internet connection is disabled, i would still be able to read the whole article on wordpad. Quite pleased with myself, i selected the first paragraph and copied it on word pad. it had introduction about it. as i selected the main paragraph which had important information.... a weird thing happened , my whole computer system hanged. Now mind you at this point, i use an office computer with anti-virus programs being installed. also never once my computer has hanged. please don't think about tabs, my computer has an efficiency of working with 10 to 15 tabs without once glitch, at this point when my computer screen got frozen and my mouse cursor refused to work. me (being a hasty person) without a second thought turned off the main switch and pulled the plug out. i watched as the screen faded to black. i slowly exhaled. i stood up and went in my room to maintain my closet. after completing that I again came and cautiously opened my computer ( my father has strictly told me to never turn off my computer from the main supply, so i was a bit scared that what if the computer stopped functioning) as i opened it,  it turned on normally. After several security checks i fell to a conclusion that it was fine. after that i clicked on Google Chrome  (i am a chrome user) , now i was a bit surprised, usually when you shut down the computer without exiting the chrome, on again opening it a message appears, asking if you want to restore the previous tabs which were not closed.  Surprisingly enough, nothing of this sort appeared remember pulling out the plug and computers screen fading to black. That was a bit weird, well i made a poker face and opened a gaming website.(hahaha you creepy stuff you cannot scare me.) now i prefer reading the article on website instead copying it.. i am still confused .........why did it happen????
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Comments 39
fatima I like it Fatima
Sep 17th 2017
fatima I like it Fatima
Sep 17th 2017
yashfeen Very creepy well sometimes my laptop also didn't show me restore option .It is due to when it is updated.(I think). Yashfeen
Aug 18th 2017
Anna OHHH!!! so that was the reason behind it...... it was tooooo annoying and just a little bit......creepy. :D :D ;) Anna
Aug 13th 2017
Sakifay Mary 😂😂😂😂 Oh i understand now If you click the button SUBMIT twice, itll apear twice!😄😄😄 Sakifay Mary
Aug 13th 2017
Anna Some comments of mine just appear two times by themselves even though i write them just a single time. Its so annoying. Anna
Aug 4th 2017
Sakifay Mary What do you actually mean by that, Anna? Sakifay Mary
Aug 2nd 2017
Anna Now, whenever i write a comment ''1" time, it's got to appear "2'' times. WHAAAAAT????? Anna
Jul 30th 2017
Anna Finally, it changed. Anna
Jul 28th 2017
Anna Finally, it changed. Anna
Jul 28th 2017
Sakifay Mary Quite the same thing happened to mine, and I made a new account, perhaps you should also do that Sakifay Mary
Jul 27th 2017
Anna I can't change my profile pic. It's still the same. I tried to change it two times. What's wrong with my account??? Anna
Jul 24th 2017
Sakifay Mary I also have! But please you'll put your picture now, won't you? That looks very peculiar when you are without a picture Sakifay Mary
Jul 23rd 2017
Anna Welcome dear Dinashen. I have sent you my friend request. Anna
Jul 21st 2017
Sakifay Mary Oh you are actually really very adorable, Anna, Thanks a million Sakifay Mary
Jul 20th 2017
Anna Yeah!!! why not dinashen? :) Anna
Jul 19th 2017
Sakifay Mary Ha Ha, you're funny, Anna, will you be my friend? Sakifay Mary
Jul 18th 2017
Anna Oops!!! I typed that two times. :D Anna
Jul 17th 2017
Anna Yeah you both are right aliza and dinashen. Something must have been wrong with the UPS or the light bulb. Yes Aliza I have heard that song. It was the first song i heard of Alan walker's. Anna
Jul 15th 2017
Anna Yeah you are right aliza and dinashen. Something must have been wrong with the bulb or the ups. Yes aliza, I have listened to faded. It was one of the first songs i heard from Alan walker. Also listen to sing me to sleep and alone. Anna
Jul 15th 2017
Sakifay Mary Website, it helps you a lot in your problems Sakifay Mary
Jul 14th 2017
Sakifay Mary To your house. advise for the olevels students, that you could visit my sister's websute Sakifay Mary
Jul 14th 2017
Sakifay Mary If you keep a UPS, then it'd have been blinking, mine does it too...if not, many times there comes a problem or something with the current conected Sakifay Mary
Jul 14th 2017
Aliza  @anna hey had u heard faded by allan walker Aliza
Jul 14th 2017
Aliza  @anna yeah i know! there was a bulb in my room that often did that ... so we replaced it. Aliza
Jul 14th 2017
Anna Something like this happened with me too. One day, i spent the whole day watching horror movies with my cousins. At night, i was playing the piano in my room when suddenly the light bulb began to flicker on and off. I ran out of my room and asked my parents if the same thing happened to them but nothing of the sort happened to the lights in their room. Maybe something was wrong with the light bulb in my room or i just imagined it....... Anna
Jul 14th 2017
Sakifay Mary I've been through right from the same coincidence many times, it always happens like that Sakifay Mary
Jul 14th 2017
Berha Plz check out my poem! Hope evry body is included Berha
Jun 8th 2017
Aden I am such a horrir fan! Always playing horror games and researching about horror stuff. I even search about cursed stuff like Smiledog.jpg. It is said after watching it you wil die! Still Alive though Aden
Jun 4th 2017
Wania Alright Maria Wania
May 30th 2017
Wania Alright Maria Wania
May 30th 2017
maria @wania if u use Google+, visit my blog too plz, the link is : my story untold by maro gul Maria
May 29th 2017
Wania Aliza! Can u please give me your email and your google blog site Wania
May 27th 2017
Aliza  Thats the creepy thing about it! that my computer was totally fine. and my computer has a maximum capacity of 15 tabs also the paragraph was also not that long. but u know! it was a governmental website so i think maybe they blocked it or something when i tried copying it.and @berha i use a computer not a laptop so i do not think that battery was a problem.@fatime oh really! if u r a creepypasta or fnaf fan please tell me. Aliza
May 21st 2017
Fatima I search about what happened to jeff the killer horror games etc. Once I tried to play one man musical chair. It is a horror game. I was so much scared that I left between the game even my elder sister was standing there Fatima
May 19th 2017
Berha @maria, worst nightmare! (X___X) Berha
May 19th 2017
maria Maybe the paragraph was too heavy and it needed time to be copied OR . . . get ready for ur worst nightmare Maria
May 18th 2017
Abdul Ali Haha I think It wont work f you remove the main supply coz when u remove it it is just like everything is just installed. THATS WHAT I THINK Abdul Ali
May 17th 2017
Berha Did you check the battery? It would probably be low and it started to hang. You could've accidentally closed it... I'm sure there is a logical explanation to all of this!!! Berha
May 17th 2017

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