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Anas Hassan
Anas Hassan
Torronto School Of Acadmey Excellence
The Mysterious Room
Published On May 7th 2017
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March 2017

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It was a normal morning for me. The alarm clock buzzed; giving my eardrums a staggering shock. Still, in deep slumber, I reached to snooze it up, But for some reason, my palm was not coming in contact with it. The buzzing was still being constant, irritating me more than ever. Finally, I got up to smash the alarm but for my surprise, I woke up in an unfamiliar room.
Strange enough was to see everything so different. The floor was filled with stone paddles, whereas the walls were panelled up to the roof. The ceiling was very low, hard time for any person to walk in the compartment. Still, at the first place, the thought came into my mind, “ what I am doing here?”
As I lifted myself from the bed, I shuddered `and was about to kiss the ground but quickly came back into position. My feet were hurting badly As if I have spent yesterday toiling throughout a maze farm. The pain forced me to settle down again. My face got slack-jawed as I examine the whole room. There was only one source of light; a candle placed on the ground burning on the left side of the room. Most of the time it flickered as if it was being tried to blew off, but I couldn’t saw any site from where the wind could sprint in. No ventilator, No window or anything like that; As I mentioned, Only one source of light was present. The only place of entering and going out was a dark-Reddish wooden door, right in front of me and at the right side corner, something was standing which still haunts me to this day.
A stuffed scarecrow was being stood. It was not clothed, for his whole body was presenting dry grass-fill up. It was settled at one place, obviously. Even though it was a statue his deep hollowed eyes were showing darkness being lurked in it. His feet were missing, with the replacement of a wooden pole supporting the figure. A bloody smile was crafted on his face, dispersing wickedness on everyone who would examine him.
This whole situation stirred up my soul. With his constant presence, I felt unsafe to move around. I would glance at him every moment later just to make sure if He was there or not; sounds stupid but that was a reality. This was becoming uncomfortable, But finally, I calmed myself with the fact that it was just a statue and this whole place was just my imagination; No matter how real it felt. With this statement, I went to sleep again with a hope,
When I woke up, The whole scenario was worse than ever. First of all the candles were renewed, and the scarecrow, he was.... moving. I first noticed it when I walked around the room, his face was continuously following me. This was a bizarre situation. I became so nervous by that, my fist flew right on the scarecrow's damp face. which eventually knocked him out. Enough was enough. I had to get out from that nightmare. With a shriek, I kicked at its wooden pole and snapped it into two pieces. I reached and heaved the whole scarecrow. At first, He felt quite heavy but then my spirit got settled on it. I ran toward the Red door and smashed the dummy on it, with the expectation to break out. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I kicked, punched and placed every move I could come up with, but the results were same. With a sigh and heart full of despair, I went back to my bed for slept, with a final hope of a better tomorrow.
This morning or whatever period of the day I woke and saw the faces I hated most. This time three scarecrows were standing... right next to my bed, staring at me. I felt their warmth breaths on my lumpy arms; They were getting heavier, Indicating that they were very angry. The candles like usual were filled up. I am getting crazy by all this is making me hyperactive. There is no way out. I don't know where am I. Hungriness is also stabbing me but for some reason, I don't feel thirsty. This place is weird. I don't think I will survive much longer. These scarecrows can now even move their arms a bit. I am stuck in this mysterious room.
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Comments 29
saad Good anas tariq your vocabulary is really good Saad
Aug 10th 2017
Sakifay Mary Welcome, Anas Sakifay Mary
Aug 2nd 2017
Yaseera Umm... welcome? Yaseera
Aug 2nd 2017
Anas Thanks! Anas
Jul 27th 2017
Jul 27th 2017
Jul 27th 2017
Anas You're welcome :) Anas
Jul 27th 2017
Anas Thanks sakifay! Anas
Jul 27th 2017
Sakifay Mary Congrats, you're the winner Sakifay Mary
Jul 15th 2017
Yaseera Awesome vocabulary and congrats Yaseera
Jul 13th 2017
sundas Wow excellent vocabulary plus imagination Sundas
Jul 12th 2017
Safa Amazing impressed guy Safa
Jul 12th 2017
Hafsa Really good vocabulary! Hafsa
Jul 10th 2017
yashfeen Very nice and congratulations Yashfeen
Jul 10th 2017
Ayesha Congratulations Anas! Your story has been published in July Vshine magazine! It is published in the magazine! Check out today! And once again congratulations! Ayesha
Jul 8th 2017
Anas Ahh, okay ill read it soon. Anas
Jun 30th 2017
Aiza Wow!!! Amazing vocabulary and read my stories too i.e my school trip to lahore ,the disobedient boy and a notebook's life.Hope you like them also read my poems.Thanks Aiza
Jun 28th 2017
Anas Thanks Irza! Anas
May 19th 2017
Anas You're welcome. Anas
May 19th 2017
Anas Thank you Ayesha. Anas
May 19th 2017
Ayesha Great An as and good vocabulary.better tthen mine! Ayesha
May 13th 2017
Irza Wow Anas! Amazing story and fantastic use of vocabulary. Keep it up! Irza
May 11th 2017
Wania Spectacular! Wania
May 11th 2017
Fatima Nice Fatima
May 11th 2017
Berha Oh thanks! Berha
May 10th 2017
Anas Thanks, appreciate that. Anas
May 9th 2017
Anas Ah, Thanks! BTW slack-jawed means to be really amazed Anas
May 9th 2017
Berha Great! Good vocabulary... What is meant by slack-jawed??? Berha
May 8th 2017
Aliza  Nice. Aliza
May 7th 2017

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