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Aliza   Aamir
Aliza Aamir
The City School
Survive The Terror (part 3)
Published On Apr 24th 2017
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the door opened.There he was,Jeff! he stepped inside while also dragging a dead body along with himself.
"Wait... so thats the idiot who brought me here?"Ayome thought.She tightened her grip on her heavy flashlight.Whie she thought how to get out of here she threw a glance towards jeff. the  scene she saw scared her to death.Jeff was carving a smile on his victims face.when he was done he turned back.ayome felt a slight chill in her spine.
"I don't wanna die here." ayome said weakly "So where do you wanna be murdered? such a fool you are...thinking that you can blow our identities...good thing slendy saw you. now.... you will also gonna suffer the same fate as the other ones who came here. you know you are as stupid as that blonde girl who recently came here.."  jeff smirked.  "wait killed lauren ? you murderer!"ayome flew into sudden rage. "yeah it was me!so what you stupid girl gonna do?"jeff said sarcastically."now go to sleep..." jeff said and aimed to stab her.just then withoput wasting another second Ayome hitted him on his forehead. crimson red blood erupted from jeffs head.jeff wasn't ready for the attack.ayome quickly shoved him aside and ran outside the cabin. she ran and ran. until she caught the glimpse of the bus stop.She jumped inside the bus.after a while when she felt that its ok ,she fell on one of the bus seats.she signed in relief.after a while when her stop arrived she got off of the bus .payed the bus bus fare and walked towards her house.she unlocked the door and went inside.and fell on her bed.
on the next morning she went straight to the the time she exited the library her face was beaming with joy. finally she can do something against those creeps.on arrival at her house she felt a sudden feel as being followed she went inside and locked the door.after few minutes she heard knocking on her windows."oh no not again!!!" she muttered.suddenly she heard the door being unlocked.there are many fake keys someone might have duplicated her own one.ayome felt her heart racing...
What is gonna happen next?
Who is gonna survive?
AYOME or??????? catch part 4 to know...
(SORRY for delay but please admin please publish this one. So fellow Vshiners! this was part 3 please hit like if you like it.And keep in mind that i DONOT own jeff the killer and slenderman .they are the legal property of their respective owner. and  Ayome is my own character.also part 5 aka the last part is gonna be special kinda.because i will try to i AM not telling it’s a surprise.)
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Comments 8
Fatima What next?? This is so Fantastic!!! Slenderman freaks me out. I have game Slendrina the cellar who I think is his wife. Anyways so amazing and pls reply me on your drawing Aimi Fatima
May 22nd 2017
maria I really like thus part plus I am not into violence kind of animes but this was very nice Maria
May 12th 2017
Berha Thanks! Berha
May 6th 2017
Aliza  Love your ideas Aliza
May 2nd 2017
Berha Aliza, i got an idea... while ayome is running she could maybe have a flashback or probably she could see Lauren... Or maybe you could bring up her childhood or family. These are just ideas.. Hope u like'em Berha
Apr 27th 2017
Berha I was wondering... Could you add bloody mary and candyface?? Berha
Apr 27th 2017
Berha Awesome Aliza! BTW have you submitted the fourth part????????? Berha
Apr 26th 2017
Wania Awesome! Wania
Apr 25th 2017

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