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Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Syeda Tahira Iqbal
Ibn Seena English High School
Homework And Studies A Menace
Published On Jul 9th 2011
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'' Homework not again! '' is usually what we hear from classroom but it has advantages not one but many . I agree with you, homework is dreadful and a load for us but it helps us. See your toppers in your class whenever they get a surprise test the always pass with very good marks because of two reasons first they do their homework daily as then they get a practice from it and second they pay attention in class. If you do your homework daily then you too can pass with good marks. The Almighty has made our brains all the same but how we use it makes a difference. now look at the failures in your class before exam they wake up till late at night and study and because they are not fresh they do not and cannot write the exact answers which they learned you will also see black holes in their eyes as a matter of fact they  look dreadful but people who do their homework daily have no stress at all they are fresh as a daisy and have no stress because they did their homework daily and kept practicing they got more confident until they are so confident they know everything this is too how your homework helps you homework is like a play study is like a play . If you put all your might in the studies then everything will look like a play. Do not take it as a stress so always try your best.
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Comments 2
Bint waseem Nyc! Bint Waseem
Sep 6th 2011
alina A nice discussion topic =} Alina
Jul 9th 2011

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