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Fiza Iqbal
Fiza Iqbal
Pakistan International School
The Clever Fox
Published On Apr 5th 2017
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Long ago, in a kingdom named Babylonia, there was a forest named lonia. There lived a selfish lion, who always ate other animals but some of the animals were much faster than him, so the lion was unable to eat them. All the slow walking animals were eaten by the cruel lion and he was starving to death. The following day, lion decided to pretend to be ill in his cave and so he did. When the animals learned about the illness of the lion, they all fell into its trap and came to its cave one by one. Every animal who stepped in its cave climbed the stairs of death. Unfortunately, many animals were swallowed by that barbarous lion. When the fox was wandering through the forest, he saw the lion ill in its cave. It felt bad for the lion but as he was about to go into the cave, he said to the lion «there are footprints of animals going inside, but not coming out ".The lion was quiet for a sec and then responded "no, no...... That’s not true......".But without hearing the lion, the fox rushed to the spared animals and warned them about the lion. They were all happy with the fox. The fox was also proud of itself for saving the animals. By using its mind not only the fox saved itself from being eaten, but saved the left animals too.


MORAL: Always think before taking any step ahead in your life, for you don't know what danger awaits.


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Comments 16
Fiza Thanks Yaseera😊😊😊. Fiza
Sep 21st 2017
Yaseera Congrats Fiza this story is in the June 2017 issue I think Yaseera
Sep 15th 2017
Urooj S9 bad Urooj
Sep 2nd 2017
Fiza Thanks Urooj Fiza
Aug 9th 2017
Urooj Good😶 Urooj
Jul 13th 2017
Fiza Thanks everybody Fiza
May 20th 2017
Fajr Omair Nice Fajr Omair
May 15th 2017
Aiza Awesome for a 7 year old kid Aiza
May 14th 2017
Khadija Nyc Khadija
Apr 19th 2017
Wania Awesome Wania
Apr 17th 2017
Fiza Thanks everyone Fiza
Apr 7th 2017
Maikham Good Effort!!! Maikham
Apr 7th 2017
Berha Nice! Berha
Apr 6th 2017
Noorish Gud Noorish
Apr 6th 2017
azka Great 1!!! Azka
Apr 5th 2017
Fiza Hey everybody,do you like my story. Fiza
Apr 5th 2017

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