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Aliza   Aamir
Aliza Aamir
The City School
Survive The Terror (part 2)
Published On Apr 2nd 2017
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Ayome after her sighting of slenderman, thought that she should continue her search. 3 weeks passed but ayome didn't found any clue or track. just when she was about to lose hope, she saw a dark figure. she thought that its slenderman. she took a step back . "Krutch.." accidentally she stepped on a dried branch. On this sound the figure turned. A loud shriek escaped her mouth, it wasn't slender man , it was Jeff the killer. The most ominous creature alive. By appearance, he was 5 feet tall, wore a white blood stained jacket, black jeans along with sneakers. What made him disturbing was his face. he had a white face with eyes that seemed as if affected by acid. and his face... he had carved a smile on his face starting from his jawline .that gave him an psychotic grin.
Ayome gulped and ran for her matter how much she ran she could still hear a insane laugh behind her. she often turned to look behind but saw nothing. Suddenly a tentacle came and got wrapped around her ankle. her feet twisted and at the other moment she found herself on the ground and being dragged by that octopus like tentacle. She struggled to find a way to set herself free. But failed every time. Until she thought to give up and see what is going to be her fate. Thorns and bushes scratched and caused bruises on her skin after few moments when the pain became unbearable she fainted.
When she woke up she found herself laying in a dark cabin which was locked from the outside. after some struggles she escaped. She felt for her flashlight. a small click of flashlight was heard and the whole room was bathed with yellow bright light escaping from the torch. Ayome felt like vommiting. the room was filled with rotten and mangled corpses. they layed here and there . crimson red blood made puddles and white washed walls were stained with blood that it almost lost its color. Organs were laying here and there «What  the hell am i going to do now?" anyone held her head in her hands.
Suddenly the door knob turned .....
Will this is gonna be the end? is she going to face the same fate as others?
(with this i might conclude part 2. yup! ayome is mine character but slenderman and jeff the killer are not mine characters they are the characters from creepypasta. go check 'em out on google. but on your own risk they are really scary.if you have suggestion about which other character should i add  e.g Ticci Toby, Jane the everlasting  , Laughing jack e.t.c.  Please tell me. ) 
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Comments 12
Berha @aliza he played umm i think fnaf part 3... I also read some creepypasta stories oooh creepy nd some scary stories online too i dont usually watch videos... Berha
Jun 15th 2017
Aliza  @berha ohh fnaf!! you know it is becoming so popular! well on num : 1 there is minecraft and on num: 2 there is fnaf. there is also the 5th part created its name is fnaf sister location. lol i am 13 but my mom doesn't let me play it. Aliza
Jun 9th 2017
Berha Fatima! Smile dog isn't scary it isn't scary at all. And slender man isn't soo much scary but jeff is a bit scary I havent played fnaf but my frnd's bro played it and we (Me and my other friends) were there and it was so scary they just appeared out of nowhere! oh and Plz check out my poem! My best friends Berha
Jun 8th 2017
Fatima @Aliza I have seen the orginal pic off jeff the killer. And I have tried playing many scary games. I have posted an article about 3 scary game Fatima
Jun 5th 2017
Aliza  @fatima haha i am also into horror stuff. btw the pic of original jeff is really scary Aliza
May 22nd 2017
Fatima Anyways nice story Fatima
May 22nd 2017
Fatima I know these kind of things, smile dog, sally. I have searched alot of horror games. Ouya yubi is the game I have tried the most. The bath game is super scary Fatima
May 21st 2017
Berha Awesome story! Love all the horror stories!!! Berha
Apr 22nd 2017
Wania Outsanding Wania
Apr 17th 2017
Noorish Very good story part 3 cant wait for it Noorish
Apr 6th 2017
maria Good story, vocabulary and writing style Maria
Apr 4th 2017
azka Very nice💖💝 Azka
Apr 2nd 2017

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