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Abeer Shahid
Abeer Shahid
Dawood Public School
A Secret Keeper
Published On Jul 7th 2011
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Secret keeper is a person who keeps a secret. Do you have any secret keeper I have, the best secret keeper....mommy!
One day i went to stay to nani's house. I was very the night at nani's placc, i felt hungry. I knew that there was a pizza's piece in the fridge,I opened the fridge and took that unlucky pizza's piece. Just then the jar in the fridge fell and broke. I ran upstairs.
After a long time I came downstairs. My aunt asked me that where was I. I told her that i was upstairs watching TV, as I heard the bang I came down......
Everybody then get to sleep. I tried the phone to mamma. She was wakening because of the pain in her head. I told her everything and told her to keep it as a secret. Next day nanny told us that was abeer because the pizza is not there and the maid had got some tidbits of pizza upstairs. I thought mom told her. When she arrived i asked her but then she proved that she was a secret keeper of mine..........
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Comments 20
Amna My secret keeper is also my mom.............she is the best:)))))))) i like ur story:-) Amna
Nov 7th 2012
Raniah AwSum Raniah
Sep 6th 2012
Muhammad Hassam Great man Muhammad Hassam
Aug 14th 2012
Abeer I am sorry fatimah Abeer
Sep 28th 2011
Eishaal Nice Eishaal
Sep 18th 2011
xerac Really nice Abeer and my mom's the best secret keeper Xerac
Aug 30th 2011
Maham I dont have a secret keeper. i am a secret keeper of my secrets, so i am always safe and relieved Maham
Aug 30th 2011
Maham A very nice one Maham
Aug 30th 2011
alina I think abeer does not mean any wrong about your mom.I think u both should clear your comments that means that u both are having misunderstanding so it's better that you solve before it turns in to a big issue... Alina
Aug 18th 2011
fatima Dont talk about my mom abeer i didnt like the story that doesnt mean you talk about my mom in this way Fatima
Aug 14th 2011
Abeer That mean fatima that your mom is not a good secret keeper of yours Abeer
Jul 12th 2011
fatima Not good Fatima
Jul 11th 2011
manail Nice if you are a 6 or 7 years old kid. Manail
Jul 9th 2011
Abeer Thanxs.guys....every mom is the best mom.. Abeer
Jul 9th 2011
alina Abeer your story is great and I luv it My secret keeper is also my mama....... Alina
Jul 9th 2011
 яυмαιsα I did not understand.Once I red and understood so it,s a beautiful story. яυмαιsα
Jul 9th 2011
Aisha My secret keeper is also my mom Aisha
Jul 9th 2011
Aisha My secret keeper is also my mom Aisha
Jul 9th 2011
Aisha Mom is always the best secret keeper. Aisha
Jul 9th 2011
Abeer So many views still no comments :( Abeer
Jul 8th 2011

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