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Yashfeen Iqbal
Yashfeen Iqbal
Pakistan International School
Published On Mar 28th 2017
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March 2017

Rank 8 Out of 10
Spring is here,
There is Flowers everywhere,
Joy of happiness spread from here,
The flowers have blossom,
The flowers have given showers,
The birds have returned from South,
Bees are buzzing all around,
Birds are chirping,
The children are playing,
The sound of happiness flow through each house,
Ants had started collecting food,
Everyone is in a good mood,
The best season of all is the spring,
Which has given me a happiness of ring.
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Comments 27
yashfeen Thanks for the gift admin Yashfeen
Jul 17th 2017
Yaseera I was in Saudia before I was born we are here temporarely and in holidays we go back to our home country Yaseera
Jul 16th 2017
yashfeen Thanks BTW they had not announced the winners of April,May and June. Yashfeen
Jul 15th 2017
Urooj Really nice and congrats. April ,may and june winner has been announced or not plz tell?🤗 Urooj
Jul 14th 2017
yashfeen I mean that when did you move in Saudia Yashfeen
Jul 14th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Alishba Yashfeen
Jul 13th 2017
Yaseera What do you mean Yashfeen? Yaseera
Jul 13th 2017
Alishba junaid Ahemadani Nice yashfeen. congratzzz Alishba Junaid Ahemadani
Jul 13th 2017
yashfeen Hi Yaseera BTW I also live in Saudia and can I ask you when you move here. Yashfeen
Jul 13th 2017
yashfeen Your welcome Yaseera Yashfeen
Jul 12th 2017
Yaseera Thank you soo much Yashfeen my friend Yaseera
Jul 12th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Yaseera you are also a very talented friend Yashfeen
Jul 12th 2017
Yaseera Yashfeen congrats once again because in the 'may 2017' issue you wrote a poem in young writers you are a talented friend too for me Yaseera
Jul 12th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Fatima you are also a very talented friend Yashfeen
Jul 10th 2017
Yaseera Most welcome Yashfeen Yaseera
Jul 10th 2017
Fatima Your most welcome Yashfeen! I knew you could be a winner! You are soo talented. I think I am very glad to have talented friend as you Fatima
Jul 10th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Yaseera Yashfeen
Jul 10th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Yaseera Yashfeen
Jul 9th 2017
Yaseera Congrats Yaseera
Jul 9th 2017
yashfeen Thanks Fatima and Aiza Yashfeen
Jul 9th 2017
yashfeen Thanks admin for choosing me the march 2017 winner. Yashfeen
Jul 9th 2017
Aiza Congrats to be a winner Aiza
Jul 9th 2017
Fatima Oh my! Congrats Yashfeen! You are a winner. Congrats! Keep it up my friend Fatima
Jul 9th 2017
Wania Welcome Yashfeen! Wania
Apr 29th 2017
yashfeen Thanks you two Yashfeen
Apr 21st 2017
Wania Nice Wania
Apr 7th 2017
Aiza Great Aiza
Apr 4th 2017

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