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Nisha Qazi
Nisha Qazi
Hayat School
Charming Dream
Published On Mar 22nd 2017
Total Comments : 14
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May 2017

Rank 9 Out of 10
My charming dream,
Took me to a horror place,
That I began to scream.
The dreadful and fearful forests and many streams.
And suddenly I saw a cranny so I entered in it,
Like a paste on the face of cream.
And there I saw light beams.
And there I saw many realms,
Those are so extreme.
And when I opened eyes
I realized it was just a charming dream.
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Comments 14
Nov 9th 2017
Khansa Amazing!!! Khansa
Oct 27th 2017
Nisha Thanks all for wishing me... Allah Allah... I can't believe after a long time.. Nisha
Oct 2nd 2017
Yaseera Amazing Nisha and congratulations Yaseera
Sep 23rd 2017
yashfeen Congrats Nisha on being a winner Yashfeen
Sep 23rd 2017
Urooj Nice😃 Urooj
Jul 12th 2017
Wania Great Wania
Jun 1st 2017
Nisha I will read it later... Hopefully. Nisha
May 24th 2017
Fatima Niza why dont u read Farrago academy by Maria gul it is so nice I am sure u will like it Fatima
May 23rd 2017
Nisha Welcome Yashfeen aiza and fatima... Nisha
May 21st 2017
yashfeen Well done my Friend Yashfeen
May 19th 2017
Nisha Fatima where I have to add you?? Nisha
May 19th 2017
Fatima Amazing and plz plz accept my friend request as you are very nice and your posts are gr8 Fatima
May 18th 2017
Aiza Well written Nisha Aiza
May 18th 2017

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