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Armeen Zahra
Armeen Zahra
Beaconhouse School System
Whatever Good You Do Will Always Give You A Reward!
Published On Jul 5th 2011
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Haris was only one son of his Parents and was very nice, caring and always listened to his Parents. Haris's father was a woodcutter and now he was very old .He couldn’t work in the jungle now every day and cut the trees so one day he called his son Haris, and gave him the responsibility to cut trees. Haris, as usual agreed with what his father said and assured him that he would never disappoint his father. The old woodcutter was happy with his son and told him how to cut trees. The next day Haris was ready to work. His mother cooked him a delicious breakfast and his father told him different types of tips. After some time Haris was off to work. He went in the center of the jungle and was about to cut a thick tree when he saw little birds above the tree singing and flying all around the tree. A thought crossed his mind for a second that if he would cut these trees these beautiful creatures would lose their home. He was terrified and did not cut the trees. Haris thought that he would cut the trees which are in the end of the jungle the very next day. He sat under a tree for an hour and two and then he went home. His Father was surprised when he saw Haris coming without any wood. He was a little angry but then he thought that this was his first day and he would be a little nervous but the next day Haris also came without any wood which angered his father very badly. Haris's mother calmed his father down and told her that Haris would definitely cut a lot of good wood from the forest. The third day Haris went to the forest again and today he planned to cut wood from where the forest is starting. As Haris put his axe on the tree he saw a little squirrel coming out of it with two of its children collecting nuts. Haris thought that if he would cut this tree how would this squirrel gain his food and so he moved on to another tree where he saw an old poor man sitting underneath the tree. It was a huge one giving a lot of shade from the sunlight. Haris again thought that if he cut this tree this poor old man would not have a shade to sit in so he did not cut that tree as well. So Haris, without cutting any tree came back home. Now is father boiled up. He did not listened to anyone or any excuse and just pushed Haris out of the house. Haris never thought of this that his father would not keep him in his house. He sat under a tree, depressed and after some time he fainted. The next day he saw himself in a very beautiful garden full of roses and trees and a small cozy house behind the garden. He asked a men standing beside him that where am I? And how did I come here?? The men said that calm down, the King was walking in the forest when he saw you and he asked the old man who he was and then the king came to know that you did such a great thing caring for others and so he got happy and gave you this beautiful garden with a house and you have to take care of this garden. Haris   was proud and happy and the first thing he did was that he called his parents who were ashamed of what they did to Haris. Haris's parents married him and they all lived happily ever after.
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Comments 10
Momina AWESOME JAZAKALLAH!!!!! And Manail, which mag did you read it in. . . Cause you must have got mixed up!!! If you did please tell which magazine did you read it in as proof so that I will defend Armeen!!!!!!!!! Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Saba Great ......... keep it up !! excellent effort! Saba
Jul 31st 2011
Namra Nice armeen! keep it up Namra
Jul 26th 2011
Namra Nice armeen! keep it up Namra
Jul 26th 2011
Nur Nice story :) Nur
Jul 24th 2011
armeen I just tell u dat Aliza this story is purely written by me n you will not find this in any mag Armeen
Jul 8th 2011
armeen I don know ,cuz dis story is written by me!! Armeen
Jul 8th 2011
manail Nice. yesterday i read this story in a magazine. Manail
Jul 7th 2011
Aisha Good and interesting story Aisha
Jul 6th 2011
manail Good work! Manail
Jul 6th 2011

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