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Muhammad  Muhammad
Muhammad Muhammad
Aga Khan School Kharadar
Side Effects Of Reading
Published On Mar 3rd 2017
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April 2017

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One day, I went to my school and walked to my class and sat on the chair it was the first period, teacher was giving the books to the students. All the students were having different books and I got the science book. I went to the teacher and said that I don’t like books. So instead of reading books can i go to the playground to play? My teacher scolds me and said, “Go and sit on your chair!” so I went to my chair. 1 hour later it was my break time. My friend said to me, “Why the teacher scolded you?” Then I said to him that I don’t like books. Then my one-eyed friend said, “If you read one book daily you will love the books, do you want my advice?” So I said, “No in my heart but my mouth said yes I want your advice! I will practice at home.” on 2 O’clock it was the time to go home I only practice it for 20 seconds and I was tired and bored so I threw the book on my mountain of the books that I was throwing there in my hall and in that mountain there was almost 900 or 1000 books. In 1 month I started to loathe books I cannot live without hating books. I went to school on Monday so teachers said, “I will take turns and listen the books.” So when my turn came so I said every word and sentence wrong and my teacher said, “Boo!” and chopped my leg off. Then I went to home I told to my pet Zaichu what happen in school so Zaichu said very bad again and slapped me. So on that day I became a psycho and get last position always and it affect my memory too.
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Comments 7
Maheen Nice story but I love reading books In fact its my hobby. By the way your vocabulary is very nice. Maheen
Sep 17th 2017
saad Hahahaha and congratulations Saad
Sep 17th 2017
Aiza Congratulations Aiza
Sep 16th 2017
yashfeen Congrats Yashfeen
Sep 15th 2017
Wania Oh gosh! Good!😂😂 Wania
Apr 29th 2017
Aliza  Hahaha.... Aliza
Mar 22nd 2017
Manahil Woah! Let's not make such conclusions. Reading science is excellent and exciting.Great vocabulary by the way!:) Manahil
Mar 22nd 2017

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