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No One
No One
The Robber
Published On Jul 5th 2011
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Once upon a time there were four friends, Aden, Muhid, Fatir and Abdur Rehman. Abdur Rehman called everyone in the ground he said there have happened so much robberies in the city. Yes said Fatir my mom’s ring have been not found Muhid said and my sister’s locket also and Aden said my mirror also. So the friends decided to do something. So they decided to meet at Fatir’s house tomorrow and discuss every ones idea. So after school they met at Fatir’s house. So the plan was to put some fake jewellery at the window and hid behind the coach. So they saw who the robber was. They were surprised and followed him to his nest. And do you know who was it was a crow. So Muhid climbed up the tree and brought the things and gave back to their friends. And this is how the story of the invisible robber!
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Comments 7
Oct 21st 2011
xerac Nyx................. Xerac
Aug 29th 2011
Wafa Boooooooring Wafa
Jul 17th 2011
armeen U hve changed it a little but it s d same i read dis in class 3 Armeen
Jul 9th 2011
No Thnx all of u and armeen i made it my self!!!!!!!!!!! No
Jul 8th 2011
manail it just like an episode of mr.bean Manail
Jul 6th 2011
armeen I have read this story in my school infact in my course because i m also in Beacon!! Armeen
Jul 6th 2011

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