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Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Syeda Zuha Zaidi
Adler College
My Poem
Published On Nov 9th 2016
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February 2017

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When I started to write a poem, 'am just thinking,
Then when I got an idea, my eyes started blinking..
Happily I started to write,
But then my letters do a fight..
After and after I tear pages,
But still I have no poem ranges..
Many ideas came in my mind,
But thinking about rhyming words I have a lot to find..
Now I fresh my mind, started again to think,
Now I am sure I will make a link..
When I have written the poem which is only mine,
I'll open MY PAGE and send it to V SHINE. 
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Comments 14
Urooj Visit my page go to my joke section and read the interesting one please visit and dont forget to comment 😄 Urooj
Jul 8th 2017
Admin A criterion for selecting winners in My Page depends on different things. Rank or stars are important for winner. But if any stuff wasn’t given many stars, still it is likely to be chosen as winning stuff and then rank or stars would be increased. Age and grade level is also considered while selecting their stuff so an average stuff by a member studying in lower grade could be preferred over a good stuff by a member in higher grade. Likes and comments are not much considered for selecting winners but comments are read on the stuff if someone has mentioned any flaws like plagiarism etc. Copied stuff of someone else is removed from My Page. Drawings made with hand are preferred but hard work in MS paint is also considered. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are not considered while selecting winners. However mostly all the stuff is checked for mistakes when publishing in the website. Admin
Jul 8th 2017
Admin Winners would receive their prizes within a week…. Please make sure you have updated your shipping address and cell number (cell is necessary for TCS courier service) in My Profile. Note: Don’t put your address and cell in About Me. Admin
Jul 8th 2017
Maheen Nice poem . Maheen
Jun 27th 2017
Aliza  Congratulations for becoming the winner Aliza
Jun 20th 2017
Fatima Wow congrats Fatima
Jun 18th 2017
yashfeen Congrats Zuha Yashfeen
Jun 17th 2017
Aiza I knew it will be the winner congrats my friend. Aiza
Jun 17th 2017
Aiza Zuha I have a good news for you guess what,your poem is published in January v shine magazine. Aiza
Jan 24th 2017
Syeda Zuha Thankyou Aiza. I'll surely see your story :) Syeda Zuha
Jan 16th 2017
Wania Great! Wania
Jan 11th 2017
Aiza Hi Zuha check out my story too, this is to everyone . Aiza
Dec 25th 2016
Syeda Zuha Thankyou Aiza :) Syeda Zuha
Dec 10th 2016
Aiza Wow Aiza
Dec 4th 2016

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