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Mubashir Salman
Mubashir Salman
The Village School
Little Boy
Published On Feb 24th 2010
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A little boy went into a baker's' 'How much are those cakes? he asked
'Two for 25 rupees,' said the baker
' How much does one cost ?' asked the boy
'13 rupees,' said the baker
'Then I'll take the other one for 12 rupees !' said the boy

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Comments 18
Zainab Oh now I understand Zainab
Dec 23rd 2017
Muhaba Bla bla bla Muhaba
Dec 6th 2016
Maida Not so nice falto joke plz don't comment these type of itchy jokes i and all hate like these jokes Maida
Mar 20th 2016
M. Hahahahahahahahaha fazool M.
Aug 6th 2015
zuha Ohhohohohohohohhohohohohohohoo i dont get it Zuha
Jul 1st 2015
stella Dont tell me you have copied Stella
Mar 14th 2014
stella Dont tell me you have copied Stella
Mar 14th 2014
KHAN Ok let me explain it to Marium and everyone else The little boy goes to the baker The boy asks the baker for the price of the cakes The baker says it is for 25 rupees The boy asks the baker the price of one cake The baker says it is for 13 rupees If you subtract 25 from 13 you get 12 So the boy says that I will take one cake for 12 rupees hahahahaha Khan
Jan 12th 2014
mary Mee toooooooooooo Mary
May 27th 2013
Ali Now i get it..... Ali
Jul 4th 2012
mary Ha ha anderstanding it only one bint expland Mary
Apr 23rd 2012
Sarah EXACTLY! I cant understand it! Sarah
Nov 8th 2011
syeda tahira Old sorry Syeda Tahira
Oct 20th 2011
usaidkhan ITS SOOOO FUNNY ................BUT!!!!!!!!!I CANOT UNDERSTAND A THING Usaidkhan
Sep 11th 2011
Saba It mean that two cakes are for 25 RUP. he asked the shopkeeper if i will take one from this how much i hav to pay he said 13 & then the person said i vil take other piece & i vil pay 12 to you bcoz total is 25 rup. 13+12=25 Saba
Jul 31st 2011
Feb 11th 2011
Marium Would you explain me this joke? Marium
Feb 8th 2010
maria irfan I cant understand it! Maria Irfan
Feb 7th 2010

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