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Ammar Abdullah
Ammar Abdullah
Lahore Learning Campus
A Kite's Life
Published On Oct 7th 2016
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May 2017

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I don't know how I was made but the first time I opened my eyes, I saw a gloomy world around me with a dark corner and a silhouette of a poor looking kid tying strings to me. Soon I was hung to a wall which ripped some paper off of my head. It took me less than a second to realize I was not alone. There were many more my look-alikes hung beside me. I wowed, amazed by the variety of colours. Then I looked at myself and saw a dark and dull colour. On the other hand, my bones were thicker than some of them. At least there was something I could be proud of.
Just as I was bragging to other of my kind, bright day light suddenly blinded us all followed by hordes of kids pushing to buy the shopkeeper's latest creation, that being me.
Soon I was in a completely different place. It was the home of that boy who got lucky enough to grab me. By my surroundings and the conversation between that boy and his father, I realized I was called a kite and there was going to be a kite event in their street square tomorrow and I was signed as a participant!
It was so sudden. I hadn't even touched their roof yet. I became nervous, yet excited like that boy. Finally I reached the sky for the first time. It was evening time. While I was honing my gliding skills, I collided with a flying living object which they called a bird. It tore all my paper apart.
While falling, I saw a glimpse of the gloomy expression that boy adorned on his face. Such a brief life..... with such a miserable ending.... Now I lay in a dump yard, my bones or, like I learned, sticks, were broken to pieces. Waiting for whatever awaits ahead.
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Comments 9
Amaan Great!!!! GOOD BOY!!!! STAY BLESSED Amaan
Oct 1st 2017
Maheen @Admin vshine what have you done? October 2016 story in the winners of May 2017 ? ? You have not declared this story about the criterion you have sent on this website . Please answer me about that . Maheen
Sep 28th 2017
Yaseera Nice 1 and congrats Yaseera
Sep 23rd 2017
Amna V. nice story Amna
Feb 2nd 2017
Wania Great! Wania
Jan 8th 2017
Noorish GOOD ONE Noorish
Dec 9th 2016
Ayaz Very Nice Ayaz
Dec 8th 2016
Aiza Good Aiza
Nov 29th 2016
Wafa Nice story Wafa
Nov 26th 2016

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