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Mohammad Umer
Mohammad Umer
Beaconhouse School System
Expect The Unexpected
Published On Sep 4th 2016
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Roy always loved his grandpa’s house. He visited this place in his vacations. He was a smart, courageous and with a cool look. His parents were very rich. His friends saw him as a very nice and humble friend. Once, he had even brought a blind person back from the brink of death. That's the sort of kid he was. Roy invited all of his friends and mates to his grandpa’s birthday party so all can enjoy it. Roy was waiting for his friends. Roy walked over to the window and the rain teased like running cats. Even without worrying about the rain, his friends came over to the house and they started to set up a party. His new friend, Rick did not come yet so he called him again and he said he will be right over there in a couple of minutes. The cake was ready and all the things were done to have a blasting party!. The door bell rang , Roy’s grandpa opened the door and there he was Rick, He was all wet without umbrella. So the party started and finally they began to cut the cake. All began with “Happy Birthday” for Roy’s grandpa. His grandpa felt very delighted. Everybody enjoyed a lot. Everybody promised to come again. It was very late 12 am of the midnight. All of his friends were gone. Eventually Roy said “Where’s Rick?” His parents and the entire house searched for him all the house except Roy’s room. Roy without wasting any time he rushed towards his room but, the door was locked. Roy asked his father to bring the room’s key to unlock the door. His father handed the key over to Roy and he opened the room and what Roy saw he could not believe it, he was shocked, he saw Rick stealing all of his toys and books. He tried to escape from the door that directly opened outdoors from the room but, it was locked. Roy ran towards him and caught him. Rick gulped and did not know what to do now. Rick looked unstable. Roy expressed “Why did you do this? Don’t you know that stealing is very wrong?” Rick said,”Sorry mate! I only wanted some stuff like books to read and toys to play with since I do not have them as I could not afford them. Roy handed some of his books and toys and other stuff to Rick and said “If you would have asked for it, I would have given to you without any excuse but, keep this.” Rick could not believe it and said Thank you I would not do it again. Rick promised to be a good boy and they became good friends.
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Comments 18
Wania Welcome!...I published the story in 2105 November and still it isn't published Wania
Feb 12th 2017
Khadija Nice Khadija
Nov 12th 2016
Mohammad Thank You :) Mohammad
Nov 11th 2016
ifsah Amazing..stupendous moral Ifsah
Nov 2nd 2016
yashal SAME HERE :C Yashal
Oct 20th 2016
Afrah Nice story Afrah
Oct 18th 2016
amna Nice story Amna
Oct 10th 2016
Aden Nice moral Aden
Oct 2nd 2016
Abdul Ali I dont know why stories take years to be published btw nice story . check my stories too Abdul Ali
Oct 1st 2016
Noorish Admin i am getting fed up now its almost a year since i have posted my stuff plz publish them fast Noorish
Sep 30th 2016
Sep 28th 2016
Moon Wow! I've seen the best vocabulary on VShine, other than mine (my vocabulary is good).I absolutely love the moral! Thumbs up for the great work! Moon
Sep 23rd 2016
Noorish I am speechless! tell me one more thing how much time did it take your story to be published! Noorish
Sep 16th 2016
Irza Thumbs up! Irza
Sep 13th 2016
Wania Good. Wania
Sep 11th 2016
Wafa Nice Wafa
Sep 10th 2016
Hania Nice moral. Hania
Sep 8th 2016
Admin Nice Admin
Sep 4th 2016

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