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Afrah Kirmani
Afrah Kirmani
International Indian School Jeddah
The Magical Butterfly
Published On Aug 20th 2016
Total Comments : 30
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Anna’s mother had gone out for some work meantime Anna was getting bored so she went to the garden for a stroll. When she went there she saw a beautiful butterfly, which sat on her, and then everything went pitch black and then she opened her eyes she saw a very beautiful world. She saw fairies all around her. She asked the fairies where she was they told she was in Fairy Land. They showed her around and they took her to the Queen’s palace in a flying carriage. The Queen gave her a magical wand. It could make Anna’s wishes come true. She soon realized it was time her to leave so she bid goodbye and promised to come again. She went home and told her mother about her adventure to Fairy Land. Her mother didn’t believe a single word of hers and told her to go to bed.
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Comments 30
Afrah A very good morning to u to azka Afrah
Mar 5th 2018
azka Very good morning Affrah. Azka
Dec 30th 2017
Afrah Thz@Aiza & Yashfeen Afrah
Dec 26th 2017
yashfeen Nice1 Yashfeen
Dec 4th 2017
Aiza Lovely afrah Aiza
Nov 18th 2017
Afrah Thx @sabeen Afrah
Nov 11th 2017
Sabeen Nice Sabeen
Nov 6th 2017
Berha Hi Afrah, like the story but it is cliché. Nice SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar) Berha
Oct 28th 2017
Afrah Thz ppl i m not hurt by anyones comments Afrah
Oct 24th 2017
Zaid Nice one Zaid
Sep 23rd 2017
Khadija Too fantasy Khadija
Nov 12th 2016
Mohammad Nice One Keep It Up Mohammad
Nov 11th 2016
Sarah Aleesha, I never said I'm Miss Perfect. I'm really sorry if you felt hurt by my comment. I really wasn't trying to judge anyone. I was only trying to encourage Afrah by saying that her vocabulary and spelling are good. Sarah
Nov 2nd 2016
ifsah Its a good story...keep up the nice work whoever u r cuz i dont know u..but its an appealing story Ifsah
Nov 2nd 2016
Oct 20th 2016
Noorish Agree with wania yes aleesha you just said ALOT Noorish
Oct 8th 2016
Momina Admin!Please approve my stuff i have send different things please! Momina
Oct 7th 2016
Wania Aleesha! Ummm.....I do think that complementing yourselves is also not a good act.I am not being surly but I am just trying to tell you that we shpuld always not complement ourselves or degrade others. Wania
Oct 1st 2016
Noorish Admin! i request you to plz approve my stuff as well and yup sarah thats rude Noorish
Sep 30th 2016
Moon Sarah, that's rude! There many people on VShine, those who've good vocabulary, like me. And many others! You are not Ms.Perfect, to judge us! Moon
Sep 23rd 2016
Aiza ADMIN! I am still waiting for your reply. Aiza
Sep 11th 2016
Wania Admin please approve my stuff as well. I have sent them for about 1 year. Please try to approve it soon. Wania
Sep 11th 2016
Wafa Dear admin i have sent many things on my page it is going to be almost a year but they still didnt appear on my page. iwrote twice to uncle shine but still got no reply plz try to fix this problem i have been waiting a long time for my stuff to appear i have recently wrote a story called the big mistake please approve it fast thank you Wafa
Sep 10th 2016
Sarah Your vocabulary and spelling are much better than most of the people on Vshine. However the story is the typical fairyland one that we ALWAYS read. I think that you should aim to write a story that is different from everyone else. Do keep writing! Perhaps next time you can try writing a longer one. Until then, keep up the good work :) Sarah
Aug 29th 2016
Irza Admin i gave loadzzzz of stuff on my page to be approved.i have been waiting for more than 1 and a half years.plz approve them.tnx Irza
Aug 26th 2016
Fiza Admin I submit my stuff.Can you pleeeeeeeaz approve it Fiza
Aug 23rd 2016
Aiza ADMIN i sent my things on MY PAGE some weeks ago but i cant see them here plzzzzzzzzzzz... approve them.This is my desire.Consider this a request Aiza
Aug 22nd 2016
Afrah Can I contribute this story for the magazine Afrah
Aug 22nd 2016
Wania Good. Wania
Aug 22nd 2016
Admin Nice!!! keep it up... I am admin and I would try my best to approve your stuff fast ... Admin
Aug 20th 2016

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